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What is EXP+™ Explore?

Exploring breakthrough opportunities to reimagine your CX by leveraging analytics and consulting services.

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by Sitel Staff September 29, 2020 - 4 MIN READ

As part of EXP+™ from Sitel Group®, EXP+™ Explore uncovers insights from across your data sources to drive enterprise-wide decision making, discover business efficiencies and create stronger customer relationships. 

Every business has valuable data running through their contact center. Every interaction between a customer and a contact center agent, whether it’s chat, email or voice, potentially contains a wealth of information. This data can help pinpoint which elements of the customer experience are working well and which need improvement, if products or services are meeting consumer expectations and how well an organization is living up to its brand promise. 

However, even if customer calls are only being analyzed for agent training purposes, our own research shows iit still takes, on average, 32 minutes for a supervisor to listen to and analyze just one 6-minute call. Traditional approaches to analytics are why so few businesses are truly able to gather together a big enough, relevant data pool and draw insights quickly enough so that they result in timely action being taken. 

Customer Analytics

Insights from Every Customer Interaction

With Sitel Group’s customer analytics, a family of four solutions that can be delivered individually or in concert, your organization can automatically monitor 100% of calls and other agent-customer interactions in real time and extract the data needed to provide customer insights in the moment.

Through the latest breakthroughs in speech and text mining, Sitel® Interaction Analytics turns the unstructured data flowing through the contact center into structured actionable insights on both sides of the CX equation. As well as valuable understanding of customer contact drivers and brand sentiment, Sitel Interaction Analytics shines a light on agent performance, enabling your organization to address training gaps or to improve areas of coaching in real time. A true multilingual solution, Sitel Interaction Analytics is capable of processing 20 different languages to recognize customer sentiment, to highlight the highest performing agents, help develop bespoke coaching and crucially automate quality assurance by processing and analysing 100% of interactions between agents and customers, as they happen. 

And, thanks to leading-edge speech analytics capabilities that serve as the central tenant of the platform, labor-intensive approaches to gaining customer insights are resigned to the history books.

Understand the Data Behind Your CX

Sitel®Customer Experience Analytics takes interaction analytics to the next level by analyzing and identifying customer interaction patterns across different touchpoints and combining them with data regarding order flows, call drivers and satisfaction ratings to highlight opportunities for minimising customer effort and maximising the potential for increased customer lifetime value.

Sitel Customer Experience Analytics provides a roadmap for agents to successfully up sell and cross sell while benchmarking your CX against that of the competition. Thanks to dashboards and clear visualization, insights are easy to monitor and to understand – crucial for enterprise-wide by in – and can be tracked in real time.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value and Minimize Churn

By combining the capabilities that make interaction and experience analytics possible, Sitel®Customer Retention Analytics crunches contact center and CRM data to understand the behaviors that lead to customer churn, enabling your operations front line to spot customers considering moving to a competitor before they decide to depart.

More than just a system for flagging potentially at risk customers, Sitel Customer Retention Analytics proactively assists organizations in developing bespoke retention programs aligned with individual customer expectations and can even alert agents in real time as conversations with customers commence.

What’s more, these analytics feed into the overall data insights strategy helping companies develop new products, goods and services that automatically address the needs of customers who are wavering as well as those who are already brand ambassadors.

Turn your Customers’ Clicks into Actionable Insights

Drive operational efficiencies across your organization by monitoring key metrics and understanding behaviors across internal or external websites through Sitel® Clickstream Analytics and reveal how operational processes work and how teams engage with one another and leverage quality assurance tools to create a stronger CX.

Voice of the Customer

Create Customer Surveys that Deliver Clarity

Voice of the Customer (VOC) should be a holistic approach to gathering quantitative and qualitative customer data, complemented by service delivery experiences and putting those insights into action for the good of your organization, customers and your employees.

With our post-contact surveys, Sitel® Voice of the Customer Surveys, you can benefit from expertly designed and deployed surveys conceived to gauge the effectiveness of every customer touchpoint  – regardless of channel – while also mitigating against one of the biggest challenges facing organizations seeking solicited feedback – survey fatigue.

Sitel Voice of the Customer Surveys provides real-time simple to understand dashboards for visualizing CX in the moment meaning that at any time you can prioritize the issues or the friction points that are causing concerns for customers.

In addition to carefully crafted surveys, our solution automatically draws in a host of other data points including post-call feedback and customer sentiment, plus CRM files, transcribing conversations ready for data analysis.

Sitel Voice of the Customer Survey connects seamlessly with other products from across the EXP+ platform, including the ability to use interaction analytics to listen to speech and text interactions and mine this data for valuable insights. Sitel Group offer a fully managed solution, reducing the burden within your business while delivering the VOC insights you need.

However, many organizations base VOC purely on solicited customer feedback; in doing so, they are genuinely limiting the parameters of customer understanding. With Sitel® Voice of the Customer Analytics you gather in-depth data from across customer touchpoints as well as from feedback surveys and agent notes then combine it with comments drawn from websites and across social channels for the clearest picture possible of customer needs, expectations, likes and dislikes.

With this level of understanding, your organization can create customer retention programs, more accurately profile individual customer groups and better target them with marketing or offers – all of which enables higher levels of customer loyalty and advocacy.

Consulting Services

Transforming your CX? We can help

Within the EXP+ platform, our consulting services also take full advantage of speech analytics and data analysis to understand and help businesses prioritize the steps they can take to seize digital opportunities. No two organizations are at the same stage of digital maturity yet all companies need to know how to make the most of the data they have at their disposal to drive efficiencies, reduce the total cost of ownership and boost CX.

With our suite of services and solutions within EXP+ Explore, we can help eliminate data silos, create digitalization roadmaps and even develop central analytics platforms to drive business intelligence.

Discover the possibilities with EXP+ Explore and reduce customer churn, improve sales conversion and drive customer satisfaction while cutting operating costs and gaining valuable business intelligence.

written by Sitel Staff
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