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What is EXP+™ Evolve?

Evolving and accelerating your CX through intelligent self-service and automation.

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by Sitel Staff October 1, 2020 - 4 MIN READ

Self-service is now a key element of meeting customer expectations. With the right approach in place as part of a digital transformation strategy, an organization can reduce cost to serve, control the volume of live interactions and still continually improve the quality of its customer experience (CX) in line with its transformation roadmap.

However, digitalization is an ongoing process and without the right partner and strategy, many companies struggle to identify the right route to take, or worse still choose the wrong technologies that end up increasing friction and effort,  leaving their customers frustrated and actually driving up call volumes while driving the quality of CX down. 

And this is happening at a moment in time where swift, friction-free self-service is a growing customer expectation, particularly among younger demographics. Enter EXP+™ from Sitel Group®, a flexible solution with complete cloud capability, designed to simplify the delivery of end-to-end CX services, while boosting efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

A Growing Demand for Self-Service

Our own research shows one-in-three consumers and 43% of millennials and Gen Z now prioritize helping themselves rather than reverting to live channels for issue resolution, with the biggest driver of this behavior being time savings. Consumers value the speed of automated self-service and the fact that it enables them to potentially solve a problem at any time, day or night, rather than simply during traditional working hours.

Implementing, maintaining and improving the right strategy in line with this changing behavior is the genesis of EXP+™ Evolve, our platform for intelligent self-service and automation delivery.


Sitel Group’s chatbots solution gives your customers access to fast, friendly service 24/7.

Sitel® Digital Agent

Sitel® Digital Agent is our most advanced conversational artificial intelligence (AI) solution, designed to support all sorts of customer interactions from transactional, high-volume inquiries to advanced self-service interactions.

In addition to expediting customer self-service at any time, Sitel Digital Agent’s underpinning technology means it can do so in a way that reflects any organization’s individual brand and vocabulary.

Because it’s an intelligent chatbot it learns and improves over time, becoming even more capable of serving customer needs while reducing the number of low-value interactions that your agents would otherwise have to use their precious time to handle.

This empowers everyone in your contact center to focus on the emotional interactions that represent the greatest importance to both customers and your organization. For this reason the Sitel Digital Agent also serves as a very powerful orchestrator, able to analyze if a customer’s initial requests will need to be passed to a live agent and then make the necessary hand off while ensuring the agent that takes over has all relevant information regarding the customer and the issue at their fingertips.

Sitel® Support Bot

Sitel® Support Bot is all about speed. Speed of implementation, speed of response and speed to ROI. It can be ready to go in a matter of a few days, and our support bots leverage AI to  make it simple and enjoyable for customers to find their own answers to the most common call drivers any time, day or night. Removing the frustration of trawling through knowledge bases or navigating comments within community threads or static FAQ web pages, the Sitel Support Bot focuses on ease of use and minimizing customer effort.

Interactive Voice Response

With an interactive voice response (IVR) solution, you can interact with your customers with automated experiences – even for complex customer needs.

Visual IVR

Sitel® Visual IVR recognizes that most people who call a contact center do so with a mobile device that has a screen and leverages this fact to deliver a superior user experience. Rather than having to listen to spoken menus and tap the relevant buttons, with Sitel Visual IVR, visual menus appear on screen. This not only simplifies navigation but also offers your organization opportunities to deliver self-service content while the customer is in a voice queue. It could be links to how-to video content, illustrative FAQs, or even access to a chatbot or live chat. This approach can shorten waiting times for those customers who can’t self-serve while delighting other customers who felt that they needed to call in person who now discover they have been able to simply and effectively help themselves.

Conversational IVR

With Sitel® Conversational IVR, customers are able to converse rather than listen to a spoken menu and attempt to remember which button to press to continue the interaction. Thanks to a combination of AI, natural language understanding (NLU) and natural language processing (NLP), customers are empowered to speak freely in complete sentences – just as if they really are speaking with a contact center agent – and receive the answers they need to resolve a host of simple issues. Like our SItel Digital Agent, it is a self-training solution that becomes more powerful with each interaction meaning it is a contact deflection solution that lowers overall operational costs yet increases customer satisfaction.


The same technologies that make it simpler for customers to help themselves can also drive greater operational efficiencies and higher quality levels throughout an organization when their focus is shifted inwards.

By channeling AI and speech analytics, our automation solutions constantly monitor compliance, CX and operational effectiveness – the three pillars of quality. With Sitel® Quality Assurance (QA) Automation, these real-time insights enable coaches to train and refocus agents based on customer behavior and expectation, rather than simply scoring performance based on a narrow set of metrics.

With Sitel® Robotic Process Automation (RPA), the same insights are then used to identify areas where RPA will have the greatest operational impact and shape the framework for its delivery. RPA is key for automating labor-intensive actions where accuracy and volume are critical – such as data entry – and for helping to manage overall workflow – all of which has a direct benefit on the contact center environment.

Align your Brand with its Customers

There will always be instances when a customer needs to speak to a real person about a real issue. EXP+ Evolve is designed to make sure you can quickly identify which customers do and which don’t and route them quickly and efficiently to the appropriate channel.

Our platform puts the best possible tools at your disposal to deflect a significant volume of interactions that would have historically had to be handled by your agents.

So, transform and evolve your digital CX delivery to the next level with EXP+ Evolve. Create a cohesive self-service strategy that genuinely aligns with customer expectations that also drives real operational efficiencies while increasing customer satisfaction across brand touchpoints.

written by Sitel Staff
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