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What is EXP+™ Engage?

Engaging customers with your brand through the power of human connection and consistent, valued conversation.

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by Sitel Staff September 24, 2020 - 5 MIN READ

Whether a digital or traditional voice-based conversation, the ability to make a human connection remains a crucial element of customer experience (CX) delivery.

Self-service solutions have an important role to play, yet there are moments when there is no substitute for interacting with another person. In fact, our own research shows 87% of consumers place a premium on being able to connect with a live agent when it comes to resolving a critical issue. 

Yet, in order to connect the right customer with the right agent at the right time, an organization needs an unrestricted flow of customer data, access to speech analytics, an omnichannel approach to customer care and robust processes for authentication and data protection.

Enter EXP+™ Engage

To make it easier for brands to deliver on this customer expectation, we created EXP+™ Engage

EXP+ Engage elevates the power of human connection to build brand loyalty through email, chat, messaging and voice-based contact center services. Built upon a foundation of data-driven customer understanding, it’s a family of tools, technologies and services housed within EXP+™, a flexible solution from Sitel Group® designed to simplify the delivery of end-to-end CX services, while boosting efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction. 

Supported by the latest advances in speech and data analytics, EXP+ Engage drives customer insights and understanding but crucially also gives agents the tools they need to make connections that count.

Contact Center Services

Supporting the People and the Processes Serving your Customers

Our contact center services are focused on delivering greater efficiencies in back office operations, best practices across non-voice channels including live chat and social interactions and also offering true multilingual support so that clients can serve a global customer base through a single contact center. 

Having capabilities such as Sitel® Chat and Messaging Management is going to be of greater and greater importance as customers continue to migrate from voice into text-based channels. Our chat solution enables contact center agents to handle twice as many customer contacts and is incredibly effective at reducing stress on voice channels, clients can typically expect a 40% drop in call volumes. 

Contact Center Technology

Putting the Best Technology at your Agents’ Fingertips

From an agile, infinitely scalable omnichannel engagement platform to automated case management and powerful tools for enabling virtual teams to work seamlessly side by side, the platform’s contact center technology delivers digital solutions for overcoming today’s customer engagement challenges. 

As the number of potential channels at a customer’s disposal continue to multiply, brands have to work harder to maintain a single view of each customer and ensure that each interaction is seamless and directly related to each customer’s individual history. Sitel® Omnichannel Engagement puts agents in control, giving them a clear view of each customer and each interaction, regardless of channel. From tools designed and developed in-house to technologies from across our partner ecosystem and enriched through our expertise, we use the technology because we know the best solution is the one created just for you.

Interaction Analytics for Agent Performance

Get Closer to your Customers with Speech and Text Analytics

But channel management is just one element of CX and is just one capability within the EXP+ Engage family. For example, our suite of Speech Analytics for Agent Performance capabilities, when applied together, reduce average handle time (AHT), boost customer satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and improve time to response. 

Designed to address the challenges contact center agents face in resolving customer issues so that they can focus all of their abilities on meeting expectations. Our interaction analytics for agent performance is an ecosystem of complementary solutions that actively help agents in every aspect of their role. From understanding and reacting to customer sentiment as it is being expressed, to automatically capturing all relevant information during a call and inputting it into systems so that agents don’t waste time manually updating customer information during and after each interaction, our solutions work together seamlessly for you and your people. 

First Party Collections

Reduce Bad Debt Ratios Without Damaging CX

Meanwhile, our first party collections provide an intelligent way for businesses to reduce their debt ratio while maintaining their brand image and strengthening customer relationships.

Our solution combines artificial intelligence (AI), speech analytics and data mining with end-to-end CX expertise to increase collection rates while lowering operational costs and ensuring compliance with all applicable state and government-level regulations.

By processing all available data – including customer histories and the content of each interaction between customers and customer service – and fusing these findings with the results of a comprehensive portfolio analysis, Sitel® Intelligent Treatment Paths formulates customized treatment paths for different customers in different situations and with different identified behaviors and characteristics. This approach also optimizes the training and deployment of agents – aligning agents based on skill sets and experience with corresponding customers and aligning operations with the collection of the most important debts while Sitel® Real-Time Collections Alerts uses speech analytics to listen to and analyze calls in real time to guide agents to the most appropriate action. 

Security and Fraud Detection

Secure your Brand – and Detect Fraud Before it Happens

Whether it’s for making a remittance to an outstanding balance or signing up to a subscription, security and fraud detection and ensuring payment card data security is paramount to all types of transactional operations within the contact center environment. This is why Sitel®Secure Credit Card Processing enables customers to make payments electronically, without revealing sensitive information to the agent. Instead, when monitoring a transaction, agents can only see masked inputs from the customer, entirely eliminating any possibility of fraudulent use of customer credit card data. As well as adding an extra layer of fraud prevention and customer authentication, Sitel Secure Credit Card Processing can eliminate the need for payment card industry (PCI) compliance as no data directly relating to the transaction is viewed, handled or stored locally. Further, Sitel® Customer Authentication leverages AI and biometric technologies to analyze consumer voice patterns and historic data to authenticate the caller.

Specialist Support Services

Providing Specialist Support for Insurance and Technology Companies

Our specialist support services are all about providing the training and development needed for agents who need to be licensed to work within the insurance industry; and for undertaking all of the technical support services that many companies involved in consumer electronics or technology services now need to prioritise if they’re serious about delivering a differential CX.

Work at Home Solutions

Your Home for Better CX

The final element of EXP+ Engage is our work at home solutions. Sitel at Home™ is our proven and tested solution for customer experience and business resilience and a global network of over 50,000 remote agents ready and waiting to support organizations of all sizes operating in all industries to deliver on their brand promise. 

Fully PCI compliant, omnichannel and underscored the most robust combination of technology, infrastructure and specialist tools, Sitel at Home can be leveraged to seamlessly handle seasonal contact volume peeks, provide business continuity in times of uncertainty or  – because of its global footprint – provide round the clock support and care for your customers, when they need it most. 

Why EXP+ Engage?

By harnessing the latest technology breakthroughs and focusing them on overcoming every challenge contact center staff can encounter in the quest to deliver a differentiating CX, EXP+ Engage enables stronger connections, creating 360° data and enabling deeper customer understanding and faster issue resolution while simultaneously supporting the authentication of customers, data and fraud protection and risk mitigation.

written by Sitel Staff
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