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What is EXP+™ Empower?

Empowering people to deliver superior CX through award-winning onboarding, training and coaching solutions.

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by Sitel Staff September 22, 2020 - 3 MIN READ

Your employees are your most valuable asset. Forward-thinking organizations understand that the first step towards delivering a differentiated customer experience (CX) is to constantly invest in the employee experience through training, coaching and life-long learning and professional development.

However, traditional forms of learning may no longer keep pace – either with the job market or with the levels and consistency of training required to align employees with customer expectations. And while technology is creating a host of new possibilities for companies serious about taking a transformational approach to learning, it can also create confusion. With all of the different digital offerings on the market – many of which are focused on individual developmental elements – finding a solution that genuinely fits your organization’s holistic training needs can prove to be a challenge.

A Platform for Empowerment

To eliminate this complexity and simplify the route to ongoing employee engagement and growth, we have developed EXP+™ Empower, a product family within EXP+™  dedicated to efficient and effective onboarding, training and coaching. It distills our commitment to elevating your employee experience into a comprehensive, platform-based ecosystem that addresses every aspect of learning and development from onboarding to ongoing training and development.

You need to have complete confidence in a system when it comes to something as critical as developing your people; and you also need to be certain that a solution that meets company objectives today will still be able to deliver tomorrow.

The Power of Your People

With our commitment to improving the associate experience, EXP+ Empower leverages award-winning learning and development solutions from Sitel Group® to unlock the power of your people, your greatest asset, to deliver superior CX.

Whatever your priority and wherever your focus, EXP+ Empower helps you realize your brand objectives. It recognizes the importance of employee engagement and the role your people play in not only breathing life into your brand promise, but also in being ambassadors for future employees and elevating your employer branding.

Built upon our proprietary technologies and learning approach, EXP+ Empower covers every step on the learning curve from initial learning needs from learning design and development to learning technologies to training delivery and offering learning delivery as a managed service

Learning Design and Development

Understand Your Organization’s Unique Learning Needs and Take Action

Including Sitel® Learning Needs Analysis, Sitel®Blended Learning and more, our learning design and development solutions enable you to build a culture of learning within your business, empowering your teams to deliver the best possible CX. 

By tying our approach to return on investment (ROI), we help you identify and achieve operational efficiencies, streamline processes and accelerate speed to proficiency. Our solutions involve all stakeholders and examine all existing training content and curricula to ensure your organization has a clear, tailored route to meeting its learning objectives now and in the future.

Learning Technologies

Leveraging Technology for the Greatest Learner Outcomes

Learning technologies and solutions are necessary to effectively automate your organization’s training processes at a lower cost to be more efficient and effective. Our innovative technologies are easy-to-deploy learning technologies to develop skills while evaluating learning outcomes: our learning experience solution (Triboo) and our mobile-enabled learning experience (BlynkYoo). 

Training Delivery

Delivering for Your Trainers so They Deliver for Your People

Through Sitel®Train-the-Trainer and Sitel®Training Facilitation, our training delivery is built on your in-house-training team’s existing skills so they can become proactive in supporting the success of your employees as they continue their professional development. 

Built upon industry best practices and delivered by recognized experts, we develop programs that leverage the most suitable technologies and approaches to ensure the best trainer knowledge transfer.

Learning Delivery as a Managed Service

Solutions for all Your Learning Needs – Just the Ones you Need

With Sitel®Learning Delivery as a Managed Service, your organization has direct access to all of the expertise and resources it needs to deliver an end-to-end training and development experience.

Whether your in-house team simply needs more support or you wish to outsource completely our experts come with the latest tools and techniques to build bespoke courses through instructional design or to re-engineer existing content and modules to align them with changing learner profiles and expectations. The result is lower costs, a faster time to competency and the confidence that whether learners are trained in the classroom, remotely via elearning or through an holistic, blended approach, they’re receiving a proven, award-winning level of education that’s as engaging as it is effective. 

From learning analysis to face-to-face training to immersive virtual reality (VR) experiences, by blending together traditional and non-traditional tools, EXP+ Empower creates the best solutions to deliver the skills your people need to deliver the best CX for your brand.

written by Sitel Staff
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