Insights|Click with Confidence: 4 Ways to Recognize & Avoid Recruitment Scams

Click with Confidence: 4 Ways to Recognize & Avoid Recruitment Scams

As a security professional, I am armed with tools to help keep our organization protected from online scams and cyber-attacks. But, how can we keep potential employees and job seekers safe from being tricked by bad actors impersonating our organization?

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by Chris Knauer November 24, 2020 - 3 MIN READ

So much of our daily personal and professional lives have moved online so quickly that our behavior – particularly in regards to security and caution – is still playing catch up.

Unfortunately, at the same time for both individuals and for individual organizations, the challenges of staying secure and recognizing scams are increasing.

Digital Age Dilemmas

In the analog era, when a company was attempting to copy your own business, the solution was simple – a call to a lawyer and a cease and desist notice. But what do you do in the digital age when rather than simply imitate your business model, scammers are actually imitating your business itself – for the most nefarious of reasons?

At an enterprise level, there are tools to leverage and expertise to draw upon. And obviously, as an organization that’s as dedicated to security and protection as it is to employee and customer experience, we take every proactive step possible to sniff out anyone in the digital world attempting to illegally pass themselves off as Sitel Group® – and we pursue these activities with legal action.

We are a business with a year-round recruitment drive, and so we can never drop our guard as cybercriminals attempt to exploit job seekers. These job seekers think they’re dealing with us, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth.

We identify and shut down bogus websites, buy up domain names and post clearly worded warnings in prominent digital spaces that we own, from our global website to our social media channels, to reduce the risk potential employees face. Internally, we apply the latest technologies to protect our existing employees.

However, we also have to help people help themselves so they recognize when they are about to be dumped or when a link should be checked – not clicked.

Helping Job Seekers to Not Be Reeled In

Every season is ‘phishing’ season. Its simplicity is what makes it such a potent weapon for scammers. When a person has time to think and to examine the message, whether it’s an email or a text message, they might realize that something is amiss.

But unfortunately, in times of stress or uncertainty, we’re less likely to think twice before clicking on a link or believing the contents of a message to be true.

There are literally thousands of blog posts and articles on the web detailing how to identify and avoid falling for phishing attacks – I even wrote one myself when COVID-19 first took hold and we noticed a steep increase in coronavirus-themed phishing and social engineering attempts.

However, in direct relation to scammers pretending to represent our organization, what should job seekers do?

1 / Ignore Requests for Money

At Sitel Group, we will never ask you for your bank details or to pay upfront for any equipment or devices you may need to work for us.

2 / Follow the Thread

If you have already opened a dialog with Sitel Group, always return to that original conversational thread even if you receive a message, call or email from someone else claiming to be from the company. That way you’ll always know you can trust the conversation.

3 / Make Contacts

Make certain that when you receive an initial email or other communication from our organization that the address or number is recorded in your contacts list so that a real person’s name always appears alongside a message. Phone numbers in particular are easy to “spoof” where the number on the screen appears to match one you have on file. (Also, be sure to pay close attention to the email address as many hackers are using addresses from free email providers.)

4 / Be Web Weary

Ignore links in emails or text messages, even if you think they’re valid and instead visit our recruitment site directly. It might be extra effort, but it will be worth it to eliminate risk. 

If you’re interested in learning more about a career at Sitel Group, join our Talent Community.

written by Chris Knauer Chief Security Officer
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