Insights|The 2020 Year in Review: Top 10 Blog Articles of 2020

The 2020 Year in Review: Top 10 Blog Articles of 2020

From leveraging digital technology and harnessing employee talent to business continuity and remote-working advice in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 has been a year like no other - especially for the rapidly changing world of customer experience (CX).

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by Martin Wilkinson-Brown December 29, 2020 - 4 MIN READ

As we close this unprecedented year, the need for new solutions for new challenges has driven record traffic levels to our blog content and Sitel Group® has worked hard to bring new perspectives and share our experience over the past 12 months.

Unsurprisingly, some of our most viewed articles centered around elements of the COVID-19 pandemic, sharing information on how to keep employees safe, how to maintain a connection with customers, transitioning staff to remote working and providing teaching, training and professional development via virtual and digital channels. 

Yet, COVID-19 wasn’t the only topic of interest this year. As the world’s view on equality and diversity was challenged, we saw a lot of interest in our articles focusing on Black History Month and black leadership within Sitel Group®. Additionally, new thought-leadership perspectives in response to often-asked questions – including the future of the contact center and the ever-growing importance of optimizing the employee experience to deliver the best possible CX – remained in high demand.

Automotive, Finance and Retail

In terms of verticals and business sectors, just as in 2019, automotive, banking, and retail were the most popular subjects. Over the course of 2020 we examined the future of the car dealership, the use of online communities and data analytics to boost retail performance. Further, we addressed the rise of FinTech and how traditional banks can leverage the latest technologies to insulate themselves, through a greater focus on CX, from increased digital competition and disruption.


Helping organizations to navigate this uncertain future with confidence and a renewed operational clarity was the genesis of our Enterprise Experience Platform, EXP+™. Officially launched at our annual client conference, EmpowerCX which, for the first time in history was held virtually, EXP+ is a  flexible solution with complete cloud capability, designed to simplify the delivery of end-to-end CX services, while boosting efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Focused around the four disciplines of CX management and delivery, EXP+ delivers scalable solutions that will always meet an organization’s needs no matter how they change.

Business Continuity

Such was the demand, we dedicated two months to content focused solely on helping clients examine, understand and mitigate the impact of COVID-19 through a new approach to Business Continuity Planning and how to leverage digital solutions such as speech analytics and virtual agents to reduce contact volumes and help front line CX employees better respond to customer demands.

But as businesses were racing to adjust to this new normal, we also explored what was happening at the other end of the CX equation as we asked ourselves how the pandemic is redefining customer behavior.

To this end, in May we published a white paper – COVID-19: the CX Impact – based on pre- and post-pandemic consumer surveys to understand, analyze and present the latest consumer trends, changing perceptions and the new behaviors and expectations that are set to continue once the pandemic is over. 

We supported the full report with a series of articles as well as a webinar to highlight individual findings and the steps organizations can take to realign with customers. 

Work at Home

As well as interactions with brands, the pandemic has raised questions regarding the future of work. It’s already clear that maintaining a network of remote employees is now a crucial component of ensuring business continuity and maintaining SLAs and KPIs related to customer experience. But what of workplaces themselves? What will the office of the future look like, and what purpose will it serve? 

The Future of the Contact Center

In terms of the contact center, we believe it is time for a complete rethink and over the course of 2020, due to requests from interested clients. We dedicated a lot of blog space to detailing the creation and growth of the Sitel® MAXhub. To our COO and co-founder, Olivier Camino, MAXhubs represent a new type of contact center designed to simultaneously support on-site and remote workers as well as address everything from training and development, to physical and mental health while building stronger, positive bonds with the local community.

Multilingual Hubs

The next MAXhub scheduled for roll out is a new purpose built site in Athens, Greece which will officially open its doors in early 2021 as the first center of this kind that is also a multilingual hub.

And this point is crucial because the most popular article posted on our site this year was dedicated to promoting and underlining the many benefits of leveraging a multilingual hub that can support a broad and diverse range of languages to support brands growing within the global economy.

Even for the best prepared and most forward-thinking organizations, 2020 presented challenges that no one could have accurately predicted or mitigated. The pandemic underlined how innovative approaches to the application of technology can make a real difference in times of disruption, showing the importance of undergoing a digital business transformation to unlock data, unlock innovation and unlock employees’ potential to make a difference. And as the intrinsic value employees bring to their organizations to enable innovation, we celebrated the first year of Sitel MAX, our global program for harnessing the power of our people to innovate and improve the associate experience.

Looking to the future, hopefully starting to turn the corner as we usher in 2021, we wish our clients a prosperous new year. In the months to come, we remain committed to sharing fresh ideas, new perspectives and the best of our experience from across our +100K associates around the globe.

The Top 10 Blog Articles of 2020 Are:

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EXP+™ – Your Platform for Growth

written by Martin Wilkinson-Brown Chief Marketing Officer
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