Insights|Sitel Group’s Top 10 Blog Articles of 2019

Sitel Group’s Top 10 Blog Articles of 2019

Our annual analysis of the Sitel blog shows that the industries and business sectors most popular with our readers over the course of the past 12 months are retail, health insurance, utilities and automotive.

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by Martin Wilkinson-Brown December 31, 2019 - 2 MIN READ

As 2019 draws to an end it’s been a big year for big data, big technological ideas and a bigger focus on applying the right metrics to customer experience.

Our annual analysis of the Sitel blog shows that the industries and business sectors most popular with our readers over the course of the past 12 months are retail, health insurance, utilities and automotive.

Retail leads the way

As the first sector to really feel the force of disruption, retail has become the gold standard for what is possible when technology is properly leveraged to help businesses deliver an enchanting customer experience. Its investments in artificial intelligence, robotic process automation (RPA) and big data and analytics are already coming to fruition, resulting in genuine return on investment for those organizations who haven’t forgotten that a differential CX comes from combining technological and human capabilities.

AI and ethics

Away from individual industry sectors, the focus has been on looking to the future without forgetting the present. Pieces on artificial intelligence  – its capabilities both on its own and when combined with the contact center agent of the future – have been among the most read articles this year, but so have studies into its potential drawbacks and the ethical concerns that will need to be addressed if we’re to move forward with confidence.

Likewise, every year, the popularity of pieces focused on chatbots – what they are, how they work, where they fit in the customer journey and how to build a business case around them – continues to grow. All of which proves that chatbots and other smart cognitive agents are about to become mainstream.

Taking social seriously

As is social media. It’s already part of the average consumer’s daily life but now organizations are really beginning to get to grips with its possibilities and its limitations. Concerns among our clients about potential pitfalls around the channel  – especially when used for outbound engagement – is why we invited social media guru and exceptional CX evangelist Dan Gingis to our annual client conference EmpowerCX in Miami this past April. His keynote was so oversubscribed he had to deliver it twice and the report on his presentation is the second most popular article of the year.

Metrics still matter

But away from new technology and new forms of customer engagement, there has also been a realization that to really embrace these new ways of doing things, you have to have a solid foundation in place first. This is evidenced by the popularity of pieces about contact center metrics and survey design. No matter how fast technology moves, you still need to be able to measure how it’s impacting on your frontline CX staff and the customers they serve.

This year’s most popular blog articles are:

  1. 2019: The Year of Data Analytics for Retailers
  2. A Wiser Way for Brands to Use Social Media
  3. The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on CX
  4. 6 Key Metrics to Track Contact Center Performance
  5. CSAT vs NPS – Which One Should I Use?
  6. Customer Experience: A Hot Topic for Utilities in 2019
  7. Health Insurance Success in 2019: Emotion, Not Technology, Wins Customers
  8. An Introduction to Chatbots
  9. 5 Trends that will shape Retail in 2019
  10. 5 Customer Satisfaction Metrics That Matter

EmpowerCX 2020

But what will be trending in 12 months’ time? What will be the hot CX topics of 2020 and what will forward-looking organizations need to keep top of mind to stay top of the pile? To discover the latest innovations and the best ways to align these breakthroughs with a holistic approach to serving the customer on the customer’s terms, look no further than our annual client conference – Empower CX 2020. This year it’s being hosted in sunny San Diego, California on June 23 and 24.

To pre-register your attendance or to enter the draw to win a first-class flight to the event, click on the banner below:

Happy holidays from everyone at Sitel Group. 

written by Martin Wilkinson-Brown Chief Marketing Officer
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