Voice is set to come into its own as a consumer channel – so how do you make sure your brand can build a connection with customers that really makes a connection?

One in four U.S. homes now have at least one smart speaker, and as the festive season concludes, that figure is expected to rise dramatically. The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) forecasts that between Black Friday and December 24, a further 22 million devices will be snapped up and found that 16 percent of consumers used an Amazon Echo or Google Home assistant to research and plan their holiday season purchasing.

Little wonder that businesses are starting to seize this new channel as a new way of connecting with customers and of delivering new forms of customer experience (CX), but if your brand is tempted to build a voicebot too, consider these five steps to help you make sound decisions.

1. To each their own

Voicebots are cool but a use case either exists or it doesn’t. What’s your CX problem and how could a voice app solve it? But don’t forget that voice can be used as one element of a multifaceted solution that involves screen interaction or other elements to deliver a comprehensive experience.

2. Don’t copy and paste

Your voicebot shouldn’t mirror that of your competitors, nor should it consist of content and capabilities lifted wholesale from another channel. Creating content for voice is a specialized task and it should be treated and managed differently.

3. Keep it simple

The easier it is to use, the more effective the voicebot will be. The more effective, the more likely customers are going to like it and become frequent users.

4. It has to be your voice

Your brand’s vocal identity and personality are front and center with a voicebot; therefore, how you want to sound and your vocabulary must be defined during the development stage. Don’t forget, your voicebot is your mouthpiece – it is going to (literally) speak for your brand!

5. Think big, start small, scale fast

The longest journey starts with a single step and the same is true of voicebots. This is new commercial territory so give yourself time and space to explore. Start with a basic solution, test and measure and then improve and expand at regular intervals.

Seek out expert advice

Sitel Group’s digital CX agency, TSC, has a dedicated voice technology team whose mission is to deliver experiences that delight users but that stay true to each client’s brand identity and business case. For more information about voice technology, download and read our latest white paperVoice: Speaking for you Business, and find out how this exciting new channel could revolutionize the way your brand engages with its customers and how Sitel Group can make sure your message is heard and understood.

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