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Speech Analytics for Agent Performance

Sitel Speech Analytics for Agent Performance gives your agents the tools, support and guidance they need to improve their performance, streamline repetitive tasks and boost customer experience.

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by Sitel Staff August 4, 2020 - 4 MIN READ

From self-service to automation there are a host of ways to leverage technology to reduce costs associated with delivering customer experience (CX). But no matter how good a chatbot is at deflecting contacts from live channels, there are moments on the customer journey when customers still actively want to be able to speak to a live agent who has the emotional intelligence and empathy to understand how a problem is making the customer feel as well as the skills to resolve the issue. 

Elevating the human touch

Because this emotional moment of truth represents such great potential value both to the brand and to the customer relationship, Sitel Group has developed a suite of speech analytics capabilities that when applied in concert, harness the latest breakthroughs around artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NPL) and machine learning to elevate this human touch rather than eliminate it. 

Sitel’s Speech Analytics for Agent Performance is a suite of capabilities that recognizes the challenges agents face in really delivering on a brand promise and that through addressing them provides long-term measurable improvement in all aspects of CX rather than a single metric or performance target. 

Sitel Speech Analytics for Agent Performance actively helps agents to understand customer sentiment as it is being expressed and flags actions and automates tasks to:

  • reduce the time needed between calls to update files and databases;
  • indicate up-sell or cross-sell opportunities;
  • deliver real-time coaching and improvements; and
  • removing distractions or administrative burdens that can get in the way of an agent being able to listen to and emphasize with customers.

Customer sentiment

Customer sentiment is the emotion customers feel toward your brand. It is created by the sum of all interactions with your brand, for example when a customer engages with your products, goods or customer service. This emotion can vary greatly from positive through neutral to negative. And while neutrality still translates into repeat business, positive sentiment is key to brand advocacy. How a person’s peer group feels towards a brand will directly impact that person’s own perception of that company. Therefore, the better the sentiment, the greater the likelihood of attracting and retaining new customers. 

Yet, simply asking customers, via a survey, how they feel about a brand or how likely they are to promote it is not enough to truly understand sentiment. Response rates to surveys usually hover between the 5%-15% mark and those customers most likely to complete a survey or answer after-call questions are those with the strongest feelings, be they positive or negative, meaning it’s a small and skewed sample size.  

Insights after the fact

Moreover, even if all customers completed surveys, the insights provided are after the fact, so the data is historical rather than actionable. This, in turn, means agents in contact centers are unable to be proactive. Instead they need to wait until all of this data has been collected, processed and analyzed and new guidance provided, before any adjustments can be made, whether to training and coaching, scripting or the knowledge base.

With our real-time speech analytics, customer emotions, sentiment and their real intent is measured in the moment. As well as actively monitoring for key words and phrases and the contexts in which they’re used, it also recognizes tone of voice in order to identify emotive cues and deliver insights to the agent, based on existing customer data, as the conversation is unfolding.  

Listen to everything

The best agents backed by the best training and with ongoing coaching support make for the best listeners. However, they can only hear so much and what they do hear and  process is done so in a dynamic situation where what the customer needs and wants must be balanced against compliance and policy. 

When speech analytics is employed, the solution is always listening to everything that is said and can act immediately on what it hears, it presents agents with on-screen alerts and prompts in real-time, so they can confidently take proactive steps to change the direction of an interaction in order to achieve a positive resolution. All of which is crucial to delivering superior NPS.

But our suite of capabilities goes further. Data captured during an interaction is integrated with all historical data across the customer base to identify patterns and automatically retrieve and display information relevant to the call on screen. This not only leaves the agent free to focus his or her empathy and attention on the customer – no need to manually search for potential answers and in doing so break concentration – it cuts average handle time (AHT).

See the future and change it

When applied in this manner, speech analytics becomes a form of predictive analysis, able to draw on both structured data held in company systems such as the CRM and the unstructured data of conversation. This enables the technology to offer suggestions and guidance, and agents can be prompted as to the next best offer, the optimum moment and the optimum product or service to up-sell or cross-sell and crucially, when to take action to prevent a customer from severing his or her relationship with the brand. 

As our speech analytics solutions are built around powerful NLP and machine learning capabilities, this ability to make a next best offer, to upsell or to stop churn, continues to improve as available data grows. In other words, every interaction makes the solution even better. 

Real-time coaching

Alongside predictive capabilities, agent capabilities also grow with each interaction. Our speech analytics solutions provide managers and coaches with real-time feedback and scoring on agent performance, so that individual elements can be coached or improved upon. Meanwhile, the same system ensures agents are using compliant language and adhering to regulations, all of which improve quality. 

Eliminating administrative tasks

Sitel Speech Analytics For Agent Performance focuses on agents in order to drive every metric that delivers long-term CX improvement including one that’s often overlooked – time to response. 

Businesses need to balance cost to serve with quality of service and as a result can struggle to have enough available agents to handle predicted contact volumes. 

But even with a carefully considered approach to meeting this customer expectation, because agents need to update files and input information during and following each call, there are many times each day where agents are not interacting with a customer yet are unable to take a call.

Thanks to our solution, most of this information is automatically captured to auto-populate fields and forms during calls which can reduce an agent’s post-call work by up to 50%. This means that more agents are available to take a call more of the time, and data accuracy is improved.

Delivering the best customer experience starts by ensuring your contact center agents are engaged and empowered and free to focus their skills on the moments that matter. Sitel Speech Analytics For Agent Performance gives your agents the tools, support and guidance they need so they can make the connections that bring value to the customer and that, over time will continue to build customer experience. 

written by Sitel Staff
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