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Five Ways to Find the Right Social Media Partner

From better brand reach to greater customer insights, social media outsourcing offers a host of potential benefits. So, how do you choose the partner that’s the right fit for your organization?

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by Sitel staff August 19, 2019 - 3 MIN READ

Companies may question whether they can afford to outsource the management of their social media channels. But as the major networks have matured in terms of user base and capabilities, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have ceased to be outlets for simply publicizing your products or services.

Today they are the channels for delivering individually targeted marketing campaigns, identifying and nurturing your best customers, gathering valuable business insights and delivering a personalized level of customer care. So unless your marketing department’s core expertise extends to community management and customer service, the question you should be asking is can we afford not to outsource?

With that in mind, here are five steps to follow to help find a partner that can deliver on your social media outsourcing needs.

1. Trust

Does your potential partner have a proven track record? What is the agency’s reputation within the industry and has it won any awards or accolades? Don’t be blinded by the numbers – an outsourcing relationship of any kind for any business function must be built on trust so don’t think twice about asking to see client testimonials or asking for advice from industry bodies before making a decision.

2. Tone

Your social media outsourcing partner should be able to perfectly capture your brand’s tone of voice and craft multimedia content that looks and feels like it’s come directly from your own marketing department. But mimicry is just one element, for an agency to be considered, it should be able to prove it has existing experience in your particular market space or in speaking to and engaging similar customer demographics.

3. Time

The always-on nature of the internet in general and social media in particular means you need someone to manage posts and respond to questions at any time of the day or night. Likewise the global nature of business means you’ll have a competitive advantage if you can find a partner capable of and comfortable working across time zones and in multiple languages. For instance, at Sitel Group’s digital CX and consulting experts operate social media hubs in three different global territories that support five different languages for round the clock, round the world coverage.

4. Technology

Tracking mentions, shares and likes and monitoring trends is the absolute minimum to expect from an agency. The right partner will have access to systems for being proactive in managing bad buzz or making the most of positive chatter, and will have experience in managing communities and in identifying and activating your biggest social media brand advocates.

Likewise they should have access to the technology that takes data generated by social media interactions to another level. For example, our data and analytics experts, Sitel Insights, can monitor and aggregate topics and themes across each of the major social networks and combine this data with your existing internal data to develop valuable customer insights.

5. Transform

Social networks are a crucial element of the marketing mix but they are now quickly establishing themselves as channels for customer care. Just like voice, email or SMS, customers are turning to social to resolve issues. However, unlike a phone call a tweet or Facebook post usually happens in public meaning that providing the right response requires a very special skill set.

Therefore, if you’re looking to outsource, you need to find a partner with real customer experience skills.

Increased social media activity is also going to drive more traffic to your existing digital assets so a partner who has tech skills – web development, app creation and automation – as well as agency- and client-side understanding is a must.

If a majority of social media posts are all asking the same question or seeking the same resolution, the information can be integrated into website knowledge bases, used as the basis for a chatbot or the creation of how-to videos – but only if your partner has the capabilities.

From social media outsourcing and online community management to social listening, omnichannel customer experience and data analytics and insights, Sitel Group has over 30 years’ experience in helping organizations discover more about and get closer to their customers.

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