Insights|How can Media Companies Continue Building Their Brand in the Social Media Age?

How can Media Companies Continue Building Their Brand in the Social Media Age?

As the digital age continues to engulf and disrupt every media organization from game studios to magazine publishers, one thing is abundantly clear – content is still king.

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Consistency in Brand Building
by Sitel staff June 10, 2018 - 2 MIN READ

However, as the options for anyone searching for any type of media continue to grow exponentially – from social media shares to new video-streaming startups – the once ironclad relationship media brands had with their audience is corroding – often to the point where the content itself appears to exist in isolation.

This is all happening at a time when building customer loyalty and developing deeper customer insights and understanding has never been of greater importance, especially for publishers.

Transforming for the social media age

print industry

The print media industry has been hit harder and for longer by the rise of the web as the hub of the average person’s daily life than any other area of the media. For example, today 44 percent of U.S. adults get their news directly from Facebook, even if the overwhelming majority of that content is links shared from newspaper websites.

“The industry has already been through one wholesale transformation and now it needs to undergo another, but it needs to do so with confidence,” says Gordon White, General Manager, TSC, Sitel Group’s Digital CX agency. “Publishers have spent over a decade demonstrating their resilience and appetite for innovation. And now they need to put their intelligence into action, but they need to do so with a solution that really meets their needs and whose effectiveness can be tracked.”

Building an online audience

As a digital customer experience (CX) agency, TSC has helped media organizations on both sides of the Atlantic strengthen their bonds with their audience, optimize CX and unlock the promotional potential of social channels for the past 10 years.

“We spend a lot of time, particularly in the U.S., helping media clients employ social-listening tools to help understand customer sentiment,” says White. “By offering deeper insights into readership or audience, we provide a crucial springboard to shaping and targeting content.”

This in turn can lead to creating communities of brand advocates and ambassadors that actively promote and share a brand’s output, giving it a voice and visibility across both traditional and increasingly social channels.

Why consistency is key to customer loyalty

Consistency in Brand Building

However, the first step toward this level of engagement and loyalty is simply to ensure consistency of CX. “As media companies digitize, there are challenges as well as opportunities,” explains White. “In focusing on the content, brands can overlook the fact that they also need to digitize customer service. The expectations of customers in terms of how a company delivers across its products should extend to customer care. This could mean improving digital self-care channels, customer call deflection or even using digital tools to automate certain processes so resources can be refocused on the core business.”

Offering expert advice

From social media management, activating online communities and developing and deploying chatbots, to simple consultancy and advisory services, TSC helps media organizations identify opportunities as well as obstacles of building their brands and increasing engagement for a generation of digital native customers.

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