Insights|Countdown to the 2018 Sitel Summit Customer Experience Event

Countdown to the 2018 Sitel Summit Customer Experience Event

In less than two weeks, more than 200 senior-level executives from a host of business industries, from banking and insurance to retail, will arrive in Miami for Sitel Group’s third annual Sitel Summit, an event focused on how the future of Customer Experience will empower humans and enhance brands.

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Sitel Summit 2018
by Sitel staff May 2, 2018 - 3 MIN READ

In less than two weeks, more than 200 senior-level executives from a host of business industries, from banking and insurance to retail, will arrive in Miami for Sitel Group’s third annual Sitel Summit, an event focused on how the future of Customer Experience will empower humans and enhance brands.

Across every customer-facing business vertical, there has been a paradigm shift. Consumers are quickly taking control of the conversations they’re having with brands and are redefining the terms of customer experience in the process.

The challenges and opportunities

With a host of digital tools at their fingertips, the average consumer has become multichannel in all of their commercial endeavors. According to McKinsey, 80 percent of people globally now encounter at least one digital touch point on any path to purchase. And as consumers increasingly integrate social channels – Facebook, Twitter, etc. – into their customer journeys for advice on purchases and for reviewing their experience with brands post-purchase, companies that want to take their customer experience to the next level have never faced so many challenges.

However, this extensive change also presents a myriad of potential opportunities and, just like its sister event, Sitel Group’s European Customer Day, held every June in Paris, the Sitel Summit in Miami exists to help business leaders make sense of and align their organizations with these driving customer experience trends.

A transformative approach

In his opening keynote, Sitel Group founding partner and CEO, Laurent Uberti, will be unraveling this topic, using our group’s own multichannel transformation – evolving from an outsourcer to delivering BPO as a platform. He will demonstrate how brands can use this proliferation of channels, innovations and insights with confidence to deliver a next-generation form of customer engagement.

This is an event that promises to go beyond the hype and instead look at the how and why of business transformation in the digital age. All topics such as the sharing economy or blockchain and technologies such as chatbots and vocal assistants will be put under the microscope of business benefit and customer experience optimization.

Sharing economy

Analysts believe that by 2025, the sharing or trust economy will be worth $335 billion annually. Therefore, it’s the perfect moment for a round table and panel discussion with a number of our Group’s sharing economy clients. Alongside analysts, these clients will articulate how this new approach to business has engaged consumers and how it is changing the way all businesses may need to communicate with their customers in the future.

A digital workforce

As well as disrupting the customer experience landscape, the move to digital channels has also created a host of innovations within companies themselves – from access to and types of learning and skills training, to being able to delve deeper into data to optimize processes and procedures and to identify new ways of doing things and new areas of business focus.

As such there will be a number of sessions about how to leverage digital learning and training to inject a CX culture throughout an enterprise.

Meanwhile, human behavior expert and TED Talk star Claire Burge will explore what it means to be human in the workplace of tomorrow, how the chaos theory can be applied to great effect in the typical office and why changing systems and structures could be the answer to unlocking your associates’ full professional potential.

Beyond buzzwords

However, what makes this year’s Sitel Summit a must-attend event is its promise to cut through the noise and present the most important issues facing the CX industry via real-life examples – whether delivered by our own implementation experts or by our Group’s clients, such as AXA and United Healthcare, who are reaping the benefits of taking a transformational approach to customer relations.

“Now that the Sitel Summit is in its third year, we are really taking the digital transformation discussion to the next level,” said Arnaud de Lacoste, Sitel Group’s founding partner and Chief Marketing & Innovations Officer. “We will discuss virtual assistants and virtual currencies and many more hot topics that for a number of businesses are still little more than buzzwords – and we’re doing so with tangible examples. We’re also bringing clarity to the discussion through our own clients in the U.S. just as we do with our European Customer Day (ECD), our European sister summit.”

The 2018 Sitel Summit is May 15-16 at the Edition Miami Beach in Miami, Florida. For more information about the speakers, agenda and venue, visit

Visit the Sitel Group YouTube Channel to watch video highlights of the 2017 Sitel Summit and 2017 European Customer Day.

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