On May 15 and 16, Miami welcomed more than 200 global experts and influencers in the customer experience (CX) industry, along with leaders from some of the most influential brands in the world for the Sitel Summit 2018. The two days were packed with great keynote speakers, analysts’ panels and inspirational discussions about the future of CX and how it will empower humans and enhance brands.

From the future of CX through blockchain and AI, to the value of emotion and the rising need for training to face the new CX challenges, there was no shortage of insights, observations and shared experiences.

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Here’s what people had to say about the 2018 Sitel Summit:

“This is sincerely one of the most thoughtful, engaged and intelligent audiences I’ve ever seen. And not only from within the spectrum of the audience but also within the presenters.”

Tony Lane Casserly, Cryptocurrency Expert &founder – Cultu.re

“There have been some great conversations, some wonderful presentations. It helps me in my career with customer experience to understand some of the changes and obstacles coming.”

Jennifer Rolfe – Customer Experience Champion- Caterpillar

“I’m mostly impressed this year with the level of conversation and the elevation of the conversation beyond some of our more traditional topics that we talk about in the contact center outsourcing world, to really talk about the change agents that are impacting our industry right now.”

Melissa O’Brien – Research Director – HfS Research

“I’m an analyst and I study this market, but even for me I think it was an opportunity to hear some new thinking from different perspectives, and hopefully you walk away with some new ideas. I know I did, about things I’m interested in exploring.”

Katrina Menzigian – VP, Research Relations – Everest group

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