Since 2009, Sitel Group Nicaragua has supported Telethon Nicaragua, an organization that helps kids with disabilities throughout the country. Over the years, our contributions have grown exponentially. In the past two years, Sitel Group has become one of the top donors, and this year is no exception.

“When we receive the Telethon date each year, we begin organizing awareness campaigns and communicating to our teams to motivate our associates,” said Teresa Ma. Herrera, HR Coordinator and CSR Lead, Nicaragua. “This year we were given the opportunity from Telethon Nicaragua to have a publicity spot at different radios stations and also to have more people on the national TV broadcast.”

“I gathered a few of our management staff who gladly accepted the challenge to perform a dance,” explained Herrera. “ Gabriela Aguirre from North America Recruitment was pleased to help me create a choreography for the dance and they practiced twice a week leading up to the telethon. Even though they didn’t have much time to practice, they all committed to this challenge with enthusiasm.”

Prior to taking part in the live event, Sitel Group locations in Nicaragua invited the telethon teams to their locations to raise additional funds by selling bracelets, T-shirts, bottles, and more.

For each donation collected, our associates received a Telethon bracelet – 3,000 bracelets were distributed by Sitel Group Nicaragua.

During donation collection time, everyone got involved: management, supervisors and HR, all sharing progress toward the fundraising goals. This year, although it was challenging to reach the goal; Sitel Group Nicaragua is proud of their outcome.  The event was a success and the agents who represented Sitel Group Nicaragua were eager and proud to be part of the Sitel Group family!

Sitel Group is proud to help Nicaragua be a better place and to help our kids!

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