Since Sitel Nicaragua opened in 2008, its employees have shown their kind hearts during the holiday season every year with various CSR efforts.

As one of largest BPO employers in Nicaragua, Sitel understands its role in the local economy and strives to create a culture that cares about giving back to the community through CSR. To support the development of the communities in which Sitel operates, a company-wide fundraiser held bi-annually (spring and Christmas) benefits multiple local non-profits and charitable organizations. This initiative perfectly embodies Sitel’s values of working together and giving back.

Sitel Nicaragua associates are always ready to help. Local charitable organizations, such as Pajarito Azul, Aproquen, Mustard Seed and Remar, have counted on Sitel’s support since the beginning. These organizations support children with mental and physical disabilities, severely burned children, abandoned elders and children and marginalized people. Associates, who are already familiar with these organizations, are able to see, year after year, the impact they have on the lives of the people supported by these organizations. Each associate can donate the equivalent of one vacation day.

2017 Donation

Year after year, the amount collected has increased and 2017 was no exception. For the Spring charity drive, $54,000 was collected and given to charity. For our Christmas drive 2017, our employees donated a record $57,000, delivering $65,000 to a number of deserving charities; for a total of $119,000 in 2017.

“It is gratifying to support others who need so much, and contributing to the community and those in need makes all of our associates proud of being part of Sitel Nicaragua,” said Teresa Herrera, HR Coordinator and CSR Lead, Nicaragua, who is the key organizer of these charity drives. Herrera also ensures Sitel Group associates are involved in visiting the charities to distribute the contribution checks so they can see themselves how many people, particularly children, are helped. In addition to the charities mentioned, SItel Nicaragua supported 13 other organizations such as Operación Sonrisa that ensures Nicaraguan children born with cleft palate receive corrective surgery and rehabilitation.

“Helping others is rewarding once you learn how truly fortunate you are just by having a roof over your head, health and a job, and how many people would like to be in your shoes,” said Ana Escobar, Coach with Sitel Nicaragua.

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