During this year’s monsoon season, the south Indian state of Kerala was hit with some of the worst floodings in nearly 100 years. The aftermath: loss and devastation for almost 800,000 residents, including hundreds of deaths.

Sitel Chennai was affected by the tragedy and, together with its generous associates, supported the victims by collecting relief supplies for the people of Kerala. Sitel Chennai’s employees contributed more than 150 kg of food items, such as rice and grains, and nearly 1,000 supply items including toiletries and clothing. Sitel’s longtime partner, the Indian Development Foundation (IDF), distributed the items to people in relief camps which will help the people of Kerala as they recover from this tragedy.

Sitel Staff India gathers necessities of Monsoon victims

Sitel’s associates around the globe are always ready to help those in need and Work Together to Give Back to their local communities.




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