As Sitel Group celebrates its 20th anniversary this week in Bogota, Colombia, a brand-new location opened in the city of Cali, Colombia on October 18.


“With two locations in Bogota and a third opening in Cali this week, we are truly expanding our presence in the opportunistic market of Colombia,” said Boris Espinel, VP & Country Manager, Colombia, Sitel.


With nearly 2,000 seats and 11 clients being served across verticals, Sitel Group Bogota has seen tremendous success since its inception in 1997.


In 2010, Sitel Group was the first multinational BPO with bilingual operations and have since proven the English capabilities of Colombian talent rendering services to more than 15 clients with outstanding performance results. Today, Sitel Group has more than 1,500 English-speaking agents with a consistent applicant flow of interested bilingual candidates.

Sitel Group Cali Grand Opening

“Due to our tremendous success in Colombia, we are opening operations in Cali, an intermediate Colombian city with a large talent pool,” said Raul Navarro, COO – Americas. “After only two months, we’ve hired more than a 100 bilingual associates – and our client is confidently impressed of the skills of the agents and the language proficiencies.”


The newest Colombian Sitel Group site, Cali, has 550 seats and capacity for 300 more. Sitel Group Cali opened for operation on Wednesday, October 18.


“In Cali, we are opening with operations for a U.S.-based financial company and a global delivery app,” said Espinel. “Additionally, we are the only large contact center in the Cali Market – and the only big bilingual player.”


Sitel Group is confident in the English market in Colombia and the scalability of the bilingualism due to several government initiatives to improve the proficiency of the language.


“For several years, we have worked with local government entities and have received their support to provide to our clients in terms of communication, alliances, business benchmarks and sectoral studies,” said Navarro.


Sitel Group has been active in collaborating with both the public and the private sector. In 2001, Sitel Group was a founding member of the National BPO Association which was created to represent the interests of companies, develop strategic alliances and activities to position the industry, promote new businesses, facilitate growth and competitiveness and share best practices among the sector.


“Thank you to Sitel Group Colombia for 20 years of developing leaders and associates, collaborating with our CSR efforts and creating outstanding customer experiences,” said Espinel. “We are grateful to the community and all our associates – thank you for your dedication, loyalty and commitment. Here’s to another 20 years!”


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