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|Sitel Group Barcelona Delivers Best-in-Class Customer Experiences and Careers

Sitel Group Barcelona Delivers Best-in-Class Customer Experiences and Careers

Sitel Group Barcelona employs more than 1,000 associates supporting local and international clients from a broad range of vertical industries.

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Sitel Barcelona
by Sitel staff July 7, 2017 - 3 MIN READ

Local diversity, convenient and cultural city

Sitel Group Barcelona is located in the strategic city of Barcelona – an ideal location for business process outsourcers (BPOs). The city is a perfect destination for multilingual services along with its low-cost connections with all major European cities.

“Barcelona is a very cosmopolitan, European and modern city,” said Vitor, Sitel Group Barcelona’s site director. “We are situated in a very privileged location as we are close to almost all of our European clients. It’s a city that has an amazing infrastructure network because we have the Barcelona airport which currently transports around 40 million passengers. Also, the port of Barcelona is used for international transactions.”

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and one of the world’s leading tourist, economic, fair trade and cultural centers.

“Barcelona is becoming more and more known for their technology capacities,” said Vitor. “The city currently has 4.8 million inhabitants of which 1.2 million are foreigners. This is an interesting number for us as a BPO because, obviously, we have interesting numbers for our recruitments, for our projects.”

Sitel Group Barcelona, or Sitel Group 22, has proven its ability to deliver best-in-class customer experiences in several languages and a variety of channels – voice, social media, chat, etc. With local and international clients from different vertical industries including travel & tourism, consumer electronics, retail, BFSI, technology (software and hardware) and utilities, Sitel Group Barcelona employs more than 1,000 associates with more than 10 campaigns within the site.

“In Sitel Group Barcelona, we have more than 950 employees,” said Vanessa, HR manager. “Our capacity to grow is more than 100 seats. We represent more than 20 cultures and are delivering service in more than 15 different languages.”

The site also focuses on training and growing their associates.

“We have 10 training rooms, six floors and two training rooms per floor,” said Carmelo, learning manager. “The capacity of these rooms is from 10 to 20 people and we are fully equipped with PCs, white boards and all the things that you need for delivering a good training.”

Because of the site’s diversity, they support a variety of businesses.

“We are in more than 10 campaigns, both national and pan-European,” said George, operations manager. “Some of the brands that we are handling here are regarding TVs, traveling agencies, printers, energy, etc.”

“The site is located in a very technological area,” Vitor explains. “It was built just after the Olympic Games, it was built already with the purpose to be the nest of new companies that were coming to Barcelona.”

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Attracting and growing their people

“The Human Resources department works with different social media channels, to attract multilingual talents, as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram,” Vanessa explains. “For me, our People-first culture is taking care of employee’s basic needs, recognition, training and development.”

“Here in Barcelona, our training sessions look like fun,” Carmelo says. “Fun training sessions are a must for us – trying to implement lots of games, different techniques, best practice sharing among all the participants, so they really feel engaged to the content of the training. We use debates and brainstorming as well technology in the sense of implementing this gamification and this fun environment.”

“In Barcelona, we have some really helpful software for the productivity of the agents,” said George. “One of them is a software that is controlling the traffic of the hosts in real time. Another tool that we’re using is about the controlling of the processes of the agents. And one of the most important tools that we use is the recording tool – that helps us to control the quality of the agents. The channels we are using here in Barcelona will be phone, chat, email and obviously social media: Facebook, Twitter.”

Vitor has big plans for the future of his Sitel Group Barcelona site.

“My expectations are for the site is to continue our growth,” said Vitor. “A growth that we want to be sustainable – and also, it is very important, to improve the welfare of our agents.”

Site facts:

  • 25 minutes away from airport
  • 15 minutes away from the train station
  • 1000 workplaces available on site
  • A 24/7 availability
  • 15 languages available (Spanish, Catalonian, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, Greek, Galician)
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