Insights|How Real-Time Agent Assistance Keeps Your Call Center a Step Ahead

How Real-Time Agent Assistance Keeps Your Call Center a Step Ahead

Thanks to Sitel Real-Time Support, your contact center agents will always know the next best action to take.

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by Sitel Staff August 25, 2020 - 3 MIN READ

Built on a foundation of speech analytics technology, Sitel Real-Time Support proactively prompts contact center agents with the insights, information and guidance they need to reduce average handle times (AHT), improve first contact resolution (FCR) and even drive revenues while simultaneously delivering the levels of customer experience (CX) that your customers expect.

By supporting your agents with everything they need to satisfy a customer request at the exact moment they need it most, Sitel Real-Time Support enables agents to focus on delivering the next best action whenever they engage with a customer. This, in turn, drives up Net Promoter Scores (NPS) with many clients experiencing an average 15% improvement. 

Next best action

The next best action approach can be applied at any point in the customer journey to advance a customer along the sales funnel while achieving the best possible outcome for both a customer and the business.

Within the contact center environment, the next best action is the process of an agent knowing which option – when there are numerous potential choices available – is the most likely to have a positive impact on a customer.

Data and insights

In this setting, delivering the next best action is only possible if your organization understands that customer. This means knowing what he or she wants in that moment, knowing how past interactions and experiences with the brand have shaped their preferences and finally, being able to use that combined knowledge to deliver the best potential experience within the context of the engagement.

Meeting or exceeding a customer’s expectations in the moment is an extremely powerful tool and one that’s intrinsic to building not only brand loyalty but also customer advocacy for your brand. However, it’s also a capability that is out of reach for business that cannot capture all of the data flowing through its different systems – from the contact center to the CRM – and combine them to gain relevant, actionable insights that agents can draw upon during their customer interactions.

Real-time understanding

With our real-time speech analytics, powered by machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) 100% of each customer interaction is captured, transcribed and converted into actionable data in real-time – whether the customer is connecting with the organization via voice, email or online chat.

In addition to capturing every verbal detail of each conversation, 100% of the time, speech analytics recognizes and processes the tone of each exchange including the sentiment behind the words to understand the emotional context. This new data is combined with existing information regarding the customer (and similar types of interactions) to provide live, on-screen prompts for the agent about the best course of action to take.  

This access to real-time insights gives agents the confidence to take proactive steps and steer the customer towards the most mutually beneficial conclusion for your business and your customer.

Measuring customer sentiment

As well as what to say, Sitel Real-Time Support helps agents in how and when to say something based on customer sentiment; often, when a customer chooses to connect via voice in particular, there is an emotional and physical issue that requires a resolution. They both need to be addressed if the agent wants to improve first contact resolution rates. For example, a person calling a contact center because of a stolen credit card needs empathy as well as action.

With Sitel Real-Time Support  your agents have the necessary insights at their fingertips and the right information on their screen. Thanks to speech analytics, knowledge-base searches are automated and triggered by the customer’s request or problem. Again, along with reducing AHT, the result is that your agent is empowered and there, present in the moment, rather than concentrating on manually searching for information while simultaneously trying to interact with your customer.  

Automatic optimization

Another major benefit is reducing the time to competence for new agents. They can move to the contact center floor sooner; the automated prompts provide a safety net, meaning they feel more comfortable learning on the job.

Likewise, with such detailed insights, Sitel Real-Time Support can improve revenues as agents are prompted when there’s an opportunity to up-sell or cross-sell during an interaction and, more importantly, which products or services are most likely to align with that customer’s preferences are highlighted.

Further, because the data from each interaction is automatically fed back into the system, Sitel Real-Time Support becomes a self-optimizing solution that makes organizations more and more customer-centric with each engagement.  

Sitel Real-Time Support  can increase NPS by 15%, cut AHT by 9%, improve FCR by 15% and, because of its ability to identify the optimum moments for upselling and cross selling, it can drive sales performance by 10%.

written by Sitel Staff
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