Outsourcing claims management? Insurance providers are still somewhat reluctant to take the leap. At Sitel, we offer a wide range of proven claims solutions, both efficient and tailored to the industry’s specific challenges.

“Today, insurers face three considerable challenges: reducing the technical and management costs of claims, securing a smooth digital transformation while delivering more self-care options and forging strong trust-based relationships with their policyholders,” explains Edouard Layeillon, Business Development Director, Sitel.

This relationship develops throughout the customer’s lifecycle with an aim to constantly enhance customer support. The insurer informs their policyholders of the eligibility of his or her claim, the delays involved and outlines the process of compensation. He then provides him or her with a regular and reliable progress report of the claim.

Delivering Outstanding Customer Experience at Each Moment of Truth

The “moment of truth” or clincher between insurer and policyholder occurs precisely when a damage is being claimed. This is a crucial stage where customer satisfaction cannot fall short of 100 percent. Therefore, it is up to the insurance provider to find the best compensation strategy based on either mutual agreement or by bringing in a qualified expert from his network of partners. Being flexible within the framework of established procedures is absolutely key.

Our teams help their clients by selecting the right profiles to match their needs, detecting potential fraud and even improving their ways of communicating in relation to compensation. They are also fully committed to supporting policyholders.

“Our advisers oversee the claims management process every step of the way and deliver seamless customer experience through careful and constant follow-ups,” said Cécile Malette, Business Unit Director (Banking/Insurance) at Sitel. “We strive to resolve each request from the very first call to avoid repeat calls. First Contact Resolution (FCR) is an indicator that we closely monitor and analyze in great detail.”

Developing Value

The teams’ technical and educational expertise ensures the level of compensation obtained (partial or total) or denied is properly understood by the policyholder. They take advantage of this occasion to promote relevant upsell or cross-sell opportunities, thus offering alternative solutions to the customer while creating additional value for the insurance provider.

Enriching the customer experience remains the priority for us and our insurance industry clients. At the same time, we help our clients optimize their services every step of the way to never lose sight of both the economic and digital stakes involved. That’s what a true partnership is all about.

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