Insights|Our Employee Promise Enables Talent Mobility

Our Employee Promise Enables Talent Mobility

As one of the main global providers of customer experience (CX) products and solutions, it’s important that our people have opportunities for career growth and development within Sitel Group®. With the goal of helping our people to Learn, Lead & Grow, we have elevated the employee experience by building a culture of internal talent mobility.

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by Sitel staff March 24, 2022 - 3 MIN READ

At Sitel Group, we recognize that the employee experience is made up of the entire journey an employee has with us, and talent mobility plays an essential part. Continuous attention on improving the employee experience and strengthening employee engagement, learning and enrichment programs not only help retain top performers but also increase collaboration, enhance cooperation and improve innovation.

Building Internal Talent Mobility

Because the nature of our business is fast-paced, ever-changing and growing in complexity, our global team of 160,000 people needs to be agile and flexible. We believe that the employee experience is the customer experience, and we make it a priority to invest in developing our people’s talents and skillsets so they can be the best at what they do.

At the center of this is talent mobility. It helps employees and Sitel Group understand how the right opportunities can fit with employees’ skills and interests and identify where they can be the most effective. This, in turn, enables our flexibility and ability to meet organizational goals and the needs of our clients and their customers.

Paving our approach to talent mobility are strong talent processes and tools used across the organization, which provide many key benefits that keep employees engaged:

  • Help us know our people better
  • Understand the talents and interests of our employees
  • Identify opportunities for cross-skilling and upskilling
  • Deep dive into employee skillsets and competencies
  • Support employee development through diverse experiences and coaching
  • Offer a variety of career opportunities

To guide our talent mobility efforts, we use credible data to create a dataset around talent profiles of our best performers. These are employees who are critical talent for the company. We created a common language and dataset based on our talent needs, potential and competencies using these questions:

  • What behavioral and technical skills are needed in each job?
  • What behavioral and technical skills are available in our workforce?
  • What criteria should we use to determine the right people for the right jobs?
  • Who are our key talent and best performers?

This information helps with developing and matching the right people to the right roles — and it’s a two-way street. As part of the matching process, our employees assess their behavioral preferences and interests, which helps them find the ideal next position within the company.

An Opportunity to Thrive

According to Gallup research, people want to be recognized for what they’re good at and inherently want to have meaning and purpose in the work they do — this is what drives employee engagement. We love helping people thrive and realize their full potential at work. It contributes to their happiness and wellbeing and enriches our company culture.

To help us identify employees’ talents and interests, we partnered with Plum, a talent assessment platform, to leverage best-in-class science from industrial organizational psychology and use fair and objective talent data to assess and identify the innate talents of our employees for placement in roles that will make them feel fulfilled and empowered.

This fulfillment through purpose-driven work enhances employee engagement and is the foundation to our employee promise, Learn, Lead & Grow. It enables Sitel Group to support its commitment to employees through five key features:

  1. Opportunities for growth
  2. Strong employee culture
  3. Engaging and interactive community
  4. Ample rewards and recognition
  5. Sitel MAX (My Associate Experience) program — a  cross-functional approach to co-designing and implementing initiatives at site, regional and global levels to transform the associate experience at Sitel Group

These features drive continuous improvement for training, learning and development programs. The capabilities, experience and industry understanding of our employees are at the heart of everything we do, so we’re happy to invest in their career development.

Navigating the Future of Work with Mobility

Access to talent is vital to our core business objectives, and talent mobility drives development of a robust internal talent market within our company. In retaining our employees as well as attracting new talent, we have to stay ahead on expectations regarding the future of work, employee engagement and employee experience. For today’s workforce, a strong preference is to have greater flexibility with how and where work is done.

At Sitel Group, a Work from Anywhere approach allows us to recruit and retain the best talent without geographic restrictions. Employees have the flexibility to work from home or from one of our MAXhub locations or a mixture of both. With access to flexible working options, employees have greater work-life balance and are empowered to build the experience they want to have at work.

This transformation beyond traditional work models has mobility design at its core. One thing is certain — the world and the world of work will continue to change, and we’ll continue to elevate the employee experience through talent mobility and career development.

Learn more about how Sitel Group enables internal mobility with Plum’s behavioral assessment.

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