Mother’s Day Retail by the Numbers

Mother's Day Retail by the Numbers

Learn why the May holiday is the mother of all holidays within the retail industry.

This Mother’s Day, Americans are expected to spend an estimated $23.1 billion total on gifts for mom according to the National Retail Federation. That’s about $186 per person and reportedly the highest amount in the last 15 years.

While greeting cards alone will account for $813 million, $956 million will be spent on gardening tools or housewares. But, consumers will likely spend the most on jewelry (an estimated $4.6 billion) and brunch (an estimated $4.4 billion). The highest paying consumers are predicted to be ages 35-44 – spending an average of $224 billion. The lowest paying consumers? Those aged 18-24, who are predicted to use their smartphones to research and compare prices before purchasing gifts.

Thinking of surprising mom with flowers? While the thought is kind, a floral arrangement may not come off as much of a surprise. Americans will spend around $2.4 billion on Mother’s Day flowers this year – the highest sales during the year for the floral industry even exceeding Valentine’s Day.

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