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Sitel® MAXhubs: Join the Club

MAXhubs are a global network of contact centers that cater to our employees’ wellbeing and create a real sense of community.

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by Sitel Staff July 1, 2020 - 2 MIN READ

For most of us, the past several months have demonstrated the importance of community. It’s an invisible bond that ties us to a place or time, that encourages us to get behind and support an idea or cause. A form of collective responsibility that has made the transition to social distancing, wearing masks in public and constant hand washing easy.

Building a Community

However, what COVID-19 has also highlighted is that whether virtual or physical, creating and maintaining a sense of community requires work and dedication. 

This is the genesis of our MAXhub concept. Reinventing the contact center to actively foster this sense of connection, not simply among our people but creating ties that bind it to the wider community.

Though in development for many months, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic has rapidly accelerated progress on the global project and the first three MAXhub sites, all in the Philippines, have already been inaugurated. 

They will soon be followed by other MAXhubs across the Americas and the EMEA region.

Don’t Be Blinded by Technology

In recent years we have invested heavily in technologies and tools to ensure that whether our people are working in virtual teams or working on-site, staying connected and being able to communicate freely is easy.

Giving our people the space to have real or virtual hangouts, giving our managers, coaches or trainers the capabilities to touch base on a personal and professional level whether the team member is sitting across from them or sitting across the country from them has been a crucial element of our Sitel at Home solution’s success.

However, even though it’s key to simplifying any number of tasks or processes, it’s also easy to be blinded by technology and see it as the answer to every question modern business poses.

The truth is that no amount of technology can compensate for the sense of community that’s crucial if you want your organization to thrive – especially in this new normal. 

Organizations have to do real work to create, maintain and grow their community, technology is just the facilitator.

Fostering Connections in the Virtual and Physical Spheres

A shared belief and experience of a business culture is what creates a sense of community and when that community exists in the virtual as well as the physical sphere, the culture needs to be more than a list of snappy words or motivational quotations. It needs to be a living, breathing manifesto of what you stand for and believe in, the employee traits that matter most as well as your approach to recording, recognizing and rewarding performance. 

Even though digital tools and technologies make communicating with virtual workforces easy, they’re no substitute for making those people feel just as much a part of the business as those who work on-site. Everyone has to feel their voice can be heard, that they’re making the right decision by investing themselves in the organization’s future success. 

Just because an employee has completed the recruitment and onboarding process doesn’t automatically make that person feel like part of a community


MAXhubs are places where our people can come to feel this connection. Along with our operational contact center floors, MAXhubs will feature much more development and training areas for our people and their community than traditional contact centers. This includes areas for socializing and connecting with each other, plus health centers and canteens with a focus on healthy meals.

As such they are community hubs – open to our people’s families and to those in the local area that need educational spaces or resources or simply somewhere to engage.

MAXhubs are an innovative yet easy and meaningful way for people to invest in our community and for Sitel Group to be part of their community. 

written by Sitel Staff
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