Insights|Max Hire: Talent Acquisition for the Digital Age

Max Hire: Talent Acquisition for the Digital Age

From consideration and application to recruitment, onboarding and retention, it’s time to disrupt the candidate experience.

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Digital transformation in talent acquisition.
by Sitel Staff February 18, 2020 - 2 MIN READ

There is a lot of talk about digital business transformation: embracing the processes and adopting the culture that will see an organization continue performing in the decades to come. However, in their hurry to move to digital tools and owning their data, many organizations are overlooking the human aspect.

Digital transformation in talent acquisition

We need to support our people – their combined skills are what makes an enterprise what it is – and while that may seem obvious, what’s not always apparent is this support and messaging must extend to those on the outside looking in – your next wave of employees.  

At Sitel Group, we preach the transformative power of customer experience (CX) – and our belief that the employee experience is the customer experience. CX is what differentiates your brand from its competitors. And a good CX begins with ensuring your people have a differentiated employee experience.  

However, there’s a third element to this CX equation: employer branding. Businesses with a clear identity, that confidently articulate their culture and career opportunities, are the organizations that attract the talent needed to continually deliver differentiated CX – Customer Experience begins with the Candidate Experience.

Why employer branding is so important

This is the genesis of MAX Hire. More than simply an employer branding exercise, it’s a transformative approach to talent acquisition on a global scale.

The process of hiring an individual currently involves too many steps and each step is marked by a number of often overly complex and usually time-consuming actions. Many of which, when viewed through the twin lenses of innovation and candidate experience, are in serious need of disruption.

This is why MAX Hire leverages the best that technology has to offer, from automation to data analytics, plus the collective wisdom of our existing employees to inform and accelerate the human decision-making process. At the same time, it guarantees each candidate experiences a consistent and consistently excellent recruitment process no matter where in the world they are when applying for a position.

Creating a friction-free experience

Just like perfecting the customer journey, MAX Hire is about removing every pain point from the recruitment process – whether it be the channel of choice for submitting an application or the time between the initial interaction and an eventual job offer – and every touchpoint in-between.

The ultimate goal is ensuring candidates chose Sitel with confidence. This is only possible if they can be certain that our values align with theirs, if any and all potential questions they may have are answered and if they understand exactly what to expect during the days, weeks and months that follow the initial job offer.

Adapt to attract talent

As a global organization that prides itself on its omnichannel CX capabilities, it’s crucial we are able to develop and deliver the same expertise when it comes to talent acquisition. All businesses operating in all sectors need to recognize the landscape of recruitment has changed and that if their approach to identifying, attracting and retaining talent doesn’t adjust to reflect these changes, they are going to be left behind.

As a new generation enters the labor force, they do so with new expectations about their potential employers. Meeting those expectations begins with the recruitment process. 

In the coming weeks, we’ll be examining the different elements of MAX Hire, including how we harness our employees’ voices and opinions to build an authentic employer brand, how we have devised the end-to-end candidate experience and the technology we leverage to support both.

written by Sitel Staff
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