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Managing Customer Experience with EXP+™

Ana Athayde, Chief CX Business Strategy & Partnerships, Sitel Group®, explains what EXP+™ is all about.

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by Sitel staff March 15, 2022 - 5 MIN READ

Giving customers a great experience makes good business sense — customers will spend more money, return to purchase again in the future and recommend a brand to friends and family. But what exactly is customer experience? Where does it start? Is it limited to answering a request by email or telephone? How do you make customer experience truly customer-oriented?

These are questions Sitel Group® teams ask every day to ensure they offer customer experience solutions that are tailored to customer needs across industries.

Ana Athayde, Chief CX Business Strategy & Partnerships, Sitel Group, explains what EXP+™ is all about.

A Global Offer for Customer Experience

With EXP+, Sitel Group offers companies solutions for the end-to-end management of customer experience.

“Sitel Group strongly believes that when it comes to providing a global offering of such services, meeting all of our clients’ challenges is essential,” explains Ana Athayde.

“Outsourcing of customer services is often linked to greater contact volumes. At Sitel Group, we do our best to make this not only about quantity, but about quality as well. For instance, we offer the capability to establish differentiated contacts while managing the experience from end to end, even across several touch points and throughout the customer lifecycle.”

To achieve this, Sitel Group offers production capacities, technological tools and digital solutions, such as eLearning and data analysis, which aim to acquire a deeper understanding of the customer.

This answers our introductory questions: customer experience involves much more than the resolution of customer requests. It includes all interactions a customer has with a brand and shapes their perception and impression of it, and there are numerous elements that help build an optimized experience.

“With EXP+, we want to identify a customer’s behavior and understand what they are looking for, in order to offer them the most appropriate customer journey,” says Ana. “Naturally, the goal is to answer their questions, but it’s also about building a long-term emotional connection to a brand.”

EXP+ helps achieve these goals with solutions that increase a brand’s capacity to manage contacts via the creation of efficient processes or by integrating new tools such as chat.

Sometimes, these tools exist already. In that case, EXP+ experts help identify complementary solutions or missing pieces, and find new, more efficient ways to create a holistic experience for customers.

In both cases, Sitel Group teams build a solution based on a brand’s strategy and customize to its specificities and goals.

EXP+ 5 Product Families for Excellent Customer Experience

EXP+ services are divided into five product families:

The first product family of the customer experience and the core of Sitel Group activity is CX Operations with EXP+ Engage for business processes. Every day, 8+ million customer interactions are managed by Sitel associates for global brands. This core activity is complemented by the other families.

CX Learning with EXP+ Empower is essential for the quality of customer service. It helps agents acquire best practices and procedures and get to know the company culture. With EXP+ Empower, Sitel Group helps its clients assess and structure the content of their training programs and build an efficient learning and development strategy.

“We are particularly interested in creating fun, gamified training experiences. People want digital content, and we are ready to adapt our tools to their preferences,” Ana says.

Content is available over time and can be offered in the form of continuous micro-learning sessions. Training is dispensed via Triboo, the eLearning platform developed by Sitel Group, facilitating agent access to resources and classes.

CX Technology with EXP+ Enable helps agents and associates in their day-to-day work, enabling them to concentrate on tasks that require a human touch and create value.

“We are convinced that the employee experience is as important as the customer experience. EXP+ Technology solutions take into account changing needs and requirements and easily integrate with complex activities,” explains Ana. “Our teams include customer experience experts, and our products are born in the contact center environment. Together, we have the ability to recommend the most relevant technologies to our clients.”

Ana also shares that Sitel Group has developed an offer for data analysis that goes well beyond actionable business insights — CX Analytics with EXP+ Explore.

“EXP+ Explore enables real data consolidation, highlighting relevant insights and analyzing them to help build the brand’s strategy.”

Customer interactions are analyzed to understand them in every detail.

“Our goal is to understand why a customer communicates in a certain way at a given time, including their tone of voice and its subtleties and to link this information to the way they browse the website, their purchases and more.”

All this information helps improve processes and the customer journey, as well agent training.

Last but not least, CX Digital with EXP+ Evolve completes the offer with digital tools that are frequently used by customers today.

“What we offer goes beyond simple customer service; we integrate the customer journey digital self-service solutions. Our solutions such as chatbots and social media services help brands manage social networks in an innovative way, enhancing their digital footprint and helping them improve their digital engagement strategy.”

Digitized Customer Relations for Highly Efficient CX

Cloud technology and AI are at the core of EXP+. As Ana explains, “It’s a very strong trend in the industry — all types of companies, even those with major security requirements, are going in this direction.”

Sitel Group is known for the extremely high level of security embedded in its solutions, thanks to data security measures that guarantee maximum protection. AI plays an important role in the future of customer relations.

Technology can really make an impact, provided it is implemented in the right way. For example, AI can help agents save time, allowing them to concentrate on more high-end tasks and conversations. AI in no way replaces humans, but enhances their performance. It’s the associates who best understand customers and their issues, and this understanding helps AI tools such as chatbots become more efficient with every interaction.

Customer experience challenges are ever-evolving, as is the customer journey. AI and automation must be able to follow and continuously improve, which implies organizations need a sound strategy regarding the digital customer journey, AI and cloud technologies.

“Today, a large majority of players are convinced that they need to integrate this kind of solution into their customer journey. The question is how to do that in the most profitable way and how to make most of the initial investment these technologies represent,” says Ana.

Software providers or major solutions integrators take charge of the technical aspects of these solutions, but one mustn’t forget the specific requirements and complexity of customer experience. Technology is not enough when it comes to responding to customers’ needs. That’s where Sitel Group, with its combined industry and technology expertise, makes a real difference.

“Our teams manage millions of interactions every day”, says Ana. “They are experts in their field and can define roadmaps and projects that lead to real success. Our combination of expertise in customer service operations and process digitization makes us the partner of choice.”

Creating the Contact Center of the Future

With EXP+, Sitel Group accompanies brands on their way towards digital transformation. Its experts offer operational consulting to guarantee the success of projects.

But customer experience is facing another major challenge. The world of work is changing at an amazing speed, and organizations need to keep up and be able to offer their agents the flexibility to work from anywhere. Associates want more work-life balance and flexibility in organizing their work, and technology makes this possible.

Sitel Group has developed efficient solutions that are secure and easily accessible, making work from anywhere a reality for its associates. Organizations need to take on this challenge and offer their employees the same experience in terms of accompaniment, training and management, whether they work in a contact center or from another location.

Contact management, training, technology, data analysis and digitization — these are the five product families for excellent customer experience. Together, they address the significant challenges customer services organizations are facing today.

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