Earlier this year, we asked Learning Tribes, a venture partner focused on global learning and development solutions for organizations of all sizes, to research some of the latest technologies and trends affecting the learning space.

You’ve all heard the noise: AI might replace humans (Arnaud’s book says otherwise); chatbots manage customer service conversations; and so many other buzzwords.

But it’s 2018! We know that technology is on our side and can improve the customer experience between agents and customers. So how can we leverage technology to deliver better training experiences?

Research shows that organizations that focus on frequent trainings can enjoy 65% first call resolutions. Even leveraging gamification strategies can drive business operations.

10 Learning Trends to Keep an Eye On

The team delivered with a resounding list of trends that can definitively impact how an organization’s learning environment can drive training success.

These top 10 trends focus on a progressive learning environment that can transform the corporate learning landscape. Take a look at the below infographic as we highlight known and unknown technologies.

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