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Learn, Lead & Grow with Sitel Group®

Our new Employee Value Proposition (EVP), Learn, Lead & Grow, was developed in partnership with our people, for our people.

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by Sitel Staff October 27, 2020 - 2 MIN READ

Our new Employee Value Proposition (EVP), Learn, Lead & Grow, was developed in partnership with our people, for our people.  

As part of the evolution of our organization, Sitel Group® continues to reinforce its commitment to the employee experience with a new promise to its current and future employees: Learn, Lead & Grow. This ensures that we are aligned with our people, and they, in turn, continue feeling empowered by our company values and culture.

If your business is on its own digital transformation journey, putting your customers at the heart of the organization is essential. 

Transformation to the MAX 

Organizations have to continue supporting their people to ensure their combined skills and diversity are being recognized and are being put to the best use to develop their careers as well as the company’s business objectives – with an increased focus on culture.

By doing this, businesses can close the gap between its people and the clients and customers they serve. At Sitel, we know the employee experience is key to unlocking the customer experience.

This is why we created the Sitel MAX (My Associate Experience) program – a global Sitel community that leverages our people’s honest feedback, suggestions and innovative ideas. Sitel MAX is focused on improving the associate experience across our business, culture, technology, processes and working environment, in a tangible way through digital and social interfaces to bring ideas and insights to life and ensure they’re adopted by our organization.

The Employee Experience Begins with the Candidate Experience

However, even organizations that have made this connection and are taking concrete steps to enhance the employee experience often overlook the fact that it actually begins with attracting, recruiting and onboarding.

Therefore, any steps taken to elevate the employee experience need to be reflected in the candidate experience.

To ensure the new EVP embodied our innovative culture as well as our values, the EVP was voted on by members of the Sitel MAX community.  

Our People Articulate our Values

Organizations that have a clear identity and can articulate their values through actionable initiatives and align their culture with applicant expectations will have a competitive advantage when it comes to attracting the best talent.

The Bureau of Labor data highlights what happens when the promise does not align with the reality of working for an organization. Nine-in-10 U.S. employees say they need less than six months working at a new company to know if they’re going to stay or look elsewhere. Furthermore, 20% of employees who have quit a job within their first 45 days say it’s due to a  negative onboarding experience.

Leading by Example

At Sitel, we believe happy associates are successful ones. That’s why we give our people the freedom to learn, grow, be themselves and have fun. Learn, Lead & Grow not only provides a framework for engaging with current and future employees during the recruitment and onboarding process, but throughout their entire Sitel journey.

Sitel Group’s EVP, Learn, Lead & Grow, is founded on five pillars that represent important elements of our associate commitment – opportunities for growth, a strong employee culture, an engaging and interactive community, ample rewards and recognition and Sitel MAX. The best way to keep developing our culture is to give our associates as many opportunities as possible for further career development so that as they move through the organization, leading by example and moving into senior positions our culture moves, and is amplified with them loudly enough so the next generation of employees hear it. 

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written by Sitel Staff
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