Insights|Latest CX technologies: 5 things we learned from Chief Customer Officer, USA event in Miami

Latest CX technologies: 5 things we learned from Chief Customer Officer, USA event in Miami

Are you interested in the latest Customer Experience technologies? Learn how the digital transformation is changing the way we engage with customers.

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miami ccousa Chief Marketing & Innovations Officer
by Sitel staff February 19, 2018 - 2 MIN READ

At the end of January, Sitel Group sponsored the Chief Customer Officer USA event in Miami. The event brought together C-level executives from some of the world’s leading companies to learn about the latest CX technologies and programs being utilized.

Whether it’s through big data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), chatbot technology or a corporate culture realignment to “customer first” mentality, we are seeing a shift in the way people think about internal and external interactions. And it was quite apparent at this year’s event.

Below are just a few of the many points industry experts addressed.

Latest technology in customer experience

Customer Engagement

  1. Digital transformation is changing how we engage with customers.

According to Geeta Wilson, Vice President of Consumer Experience at Humana, the most critical factor in customer service is the value in the consumer’s time. Forrester data shows that 43 percent of US online consumers have had an unsatisfactory service interaction in the last 12 months. Consumers are smart and know what they want. They want to engage on their own terms and organizations can use technology to redesign the entire experience that can lead to positive interactions.

  1. Create a space where customers can seek an answer.

If you pay attention to what consumers are trying to do and why, then you can understand whether you’re solving their problems, or if you need to create a new solution. It’s all about listening to the customer and providing a platform where customers can find the answers they’re looking for.

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

  1. AI and chatbot technology will not be the end of the contact center industry.

Arnaud de Lacoste, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Sitel Group, said it best: technology will not replace humans, but it will allow us to create more personalized experiences thanks to big data, natural language processing and botshore technology. Through an adaptive AI model, we will better understand what clients want, which will lead to better conversations between agents and customers.

  1. AI and Chatbots require training…and more.

The explosion of big data and AI have led to organizations investing millions in chatbot technology. But it’s not as simple as the flick of a light switch. According to Arnaud, “learning is a key part on a strategy using AI.” Bot trainers are essential to the Botshore interface. In other words, successful implementation of chatbot technology requires training and development to understand the meaning of sentences. Below is a simple graphic that illustrates Sitel Group’s “Botshore Interface Concept”, where “Bot Trainers” and “Bot Supervisors” leverage big data to train Botshore engines to communicate with customers.

Customer Experience Design

  1. Emotion Drives Behavior.

A good experience is one where the brand has created an emotional connection with the customer, online or offline. Emotional connections lead to customer loyalty, which will keep customers coming back to your brand. When designing a customer experience, brands must consider how these connections will lead to an emotional impact that can lead to customer loyalty. A loyal customer will always come back to your brand.

At Sitel Group, we are utilizing the latest advancements in customer experience design to improve value and relevance between your brand and your customers. To hear more insight from the event or to have a general discussion about end-to-end customer experience solutions contact us.

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