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|Is Working From Home More Productive?

Is Working From Home More Productive?

With Sitel Group’s MAXhubs, employees have a better employee experience and are, in turn, more engaged, more connected and more productive. We know from the coronavirus pandemic that working from home increases productivity across our workforce - and exceeds our clients’ KPIs.

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is working from home more productive
by Olivier Camino July 15, 2020 - 3 MIN READ

At Sitel Group, we are committed to our vision that the employee experience is the customer experience (CX)  – and this vision comes to life with our innovative and transformative MAXhubs. MAXhubs meet and exceed your KPIs because they deliver an improved employee experience.

A More Connected CX

Our MAXhubs, the physical extension of Sitel MAX, or My Associate Experience, are the future of the contact center. These hubs – which are a hybrid of working from home and having a physical site where our associates can go to connect with others, to receive top-notch in-person training or to work with a minimal commute time – are already beginning to transform and redefine the contact center industry. MAXhubs are a global network of contact centers that cater to our employees’ wellbeing and create a real sense of community – and enable our people to deliver even better customer experiences.

Better Employee Experience, Better Customer Experience

As I never tire of saying, the employee experience is the customer experience. By creating physical spaces that align with our associates’ needs and expectations – that exist to make not just their jobs, but their lives easier – our people are happier, more engaged and understand how much value they bring to our organization.

This in turn ensures our clients’ customers receive a differential CX.

Employees Are More Productive at Home

During the past several months as we’ve adapted to the global pandemic, our Sitel at Home solution has made it clear that when we focus on helping our associates improve their work/life balance, we see an uptick in KPIs and employee productivity from those working from home. For example, our agents working from home have a 46% higher fill rate and claim higher levels of job satisfaction. This is born out of the fact that we’ve seen a significant drop in absenteeism and a much lower attrition rate so far. The goal of MAXhubs is to extend the possibility of working from home to more of our associates while providing the support and structure associates need as they grow within our organization. 

Employees Are Healthier at Home 

One thing the coronavirus has highlighted is that we cannot take health for granted and we all need to take steps to maintain our minds and our bodies. The average American commutes for one hour a day to get to and from work. 

A report written by researchers from the University School of Medicine in Saint Louis and the Cooper Institute in Dallas and published in The American Journal of Preventive Medicine shows that driving more than 10 miles to work and 10 miles home again every day can lead to higher blood sugar and higher cholesterol. The researchers also noted that the commuters they studied had a higher tendency towards depression and anxiety. 

But the MAXhub approach does more than simply eliminate or minimize the stress of commuting. These hubs are spaces where associates can get healthy meals and nutritional advice and possibly even access spaces for exercising or mediation – in alignment with our SitelFit program! While direct access to managers and coaches, not to mention libraries of learning resources, means that our people can also challenge their minds and to continue improving their skills. 

Positively Positive at Home

There are arguments to be made that not all people are suited to remote working; some people prefer the structure and routine an on-site position provides. This is why MAXhubs are a blended, hybrid approach that recognizes everyone is different. We know that we empower our associates to deliver more connected customer experiences while they are able to have more flexible schedules adjusted and adapted to their personal life. 

What is undeniable is productivity and KPIs increase very quickly when people work from home. COVID-19 required us to quickly transition over 60% of our agents around the globe to remote working and in each instance, performance metrics were maintained or improved. 

For one U.S. banking and insurance client, we transitioned 1,064 associates to work at home in just 10 days and saw QA improve while absenteeism and attrition rates both dropped by over 30%. 

Learn more about our MAXhubs and how we believe they are the future of the contact center during this week’s webinar on July 16.

Olivier Camino
written by Olivier Camino Founder & COO
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