Insights|Your Platform for Growth – Introducing EXP+™

Your Platform for Growth – Introducing EXP+™

EXP+™, the Enterprise Experience Platform from Sitel Group® is a flexible solution with complete cloud capability, designed to simplify the delivery of end-to-end CX services, while boosting efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction. This new platform delivers CX solutions that fit your needs today and is ready for your challenges tomorrow.

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by Sitel Staff September 14, 2020 - 4 MIN READ

How do you grow your business without sacrificing the quality of customer experience (CX)? How do you unlock the full benefits of the latest technologies without dedicating costly resources and time to their development and implementation? And, as new opportunities to innovate or to foster new products and services present themselves, how can you retain the necessary agility to be proactive rather than reactive?

EXP+™, a new platform populated with flexible and innovative solutions designed specifically to simplify and amplify the delivery of your end-to-end CX, enables organizations of all sizes to overcome these challenges today, and prepare for tomorrow.

How Does EXP+ Work?

EXP+ creates a robust ecosystem around your individual business needs by harnessing the power of four connected product families. Within this ecosystem, elements work together seamlessly, creating more efficiency and greater business value while driving continuous improvement across your CX delivery.

As disruption and digital transformation continue to reshape every business sector and even threaten to leave some established organizations behind, our data-driven approach leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies to help transform your business with EXP+. The solutions and services businesses rely on to meet changing consumer expectations must reflect the new commercial landscape and must be proven in their ability to propel businesses forward – rather than create internal disruption – and have the scalability to continue to deliver value as new challenges present themselves.

Experience More With EXP+

This is why EXP+ draws upon all of our combined experience and CX understanding to create the right ecosystem around your individual business needs. With all the tools, processes and systems you need to drive efficiencies, effectiveness and customer satisfaction, and available when you need them, you will benefit from a network effect whereby each ecosystem element becomes a value multiplier, increasing the scope for growth and differentiation.

More than just a simple linear platform, EXP+ is an all-encompassing framework of elements, arranged in four logical product families related to specific aspects of optimizing your CX strategy and delivery:

  • EXP+ Empower – Empowering people to deliver superior CX through award-winning associate experiences from talent selection and onboarding to coaching and training solutions.
  • EXP+ Engage – Engaging consumers with your brand through customer-centric technologies combined with the power of human connections. 
  • EXP+ Explore – Exploring the power of AI-enabled analytics and consulting services to uncover opportunities that reimagine your CX.
  • EXP+ Evolve – Evolving your CX to the next level through intelligent self-service and automation.

Whichever way your organization needs to mix and match elements to meet its goals, EXP+ helps to eliminate friction within your business that would usually result from implementing new technologies or processes. There is no learning curve to overcome or proof of concept – each element is transparent and exists to reduce complication and simplify the path to growth. As we move forward in our ever-changing landscape, rapid, yet sustainable, growth is crucial to reestablishing brands. By minimizing the need for capital and resources beyond the scope of core competencies, with EXP+, we help you leverage insights to realize business opportunities and we have the solutions needed to drive digital transformation and reimagine your brand’s customer experience.

Solutions That Fit Your Needs

Because the platform is a comprehensive suite of CX solutions and services that can be harnessed and applied as and when needed, EXP+ makes it possible for any enterprise to transition from one-size-fits-all products to solutions that genuinely reflect individual business needs. When we implement a solution for your brand, we have a deep understanding of your business, your policies and your systems – and, in turn, bring you a working solution faster.

With increased capabilities comes increased insights. The silo-free nature of our platform means that data can be captured, mined and analyzed across operations that can be used to generate real understanding and leading to better CX, opportunities for automation and even the possibility for further innovative new products and services.

Why EXP+?

Our platform is the result of channeling 35 years’ CX management expertise into a suite of tried and tested leading-edge solutions. Every element is already delivering differentiation for our clients across different regions and different business sectors. Further, as a result, every element is constantly being improved based on the value being delivered, or new efficiencies and capabilities being discovered.

It’s this continual and iterative process, tied to our own intellectual property and depth of understanding, that enables us to take a tool and turn it into a solution that brings value from day one. EXP+ eliminates the need for ramp ups and steady states; each element, which can be hosted on premise or in the cloud, is calibrated and tailored to your individual brand’s needs. 

And, while each element works in its own right, when multiple elements of EXP+ come together, that’s when the exponential power of the platform is revealed. With complete interoperability and information sharing, EXP+ generates a momentum within your organization that can only drive its CX further forward. And, as more elements are brought into play, there is a decrease in effort required to achieve the desired results.

This level of integration is crucial for organizations that need to remain agile. Our platform is designed to scale with your business so it always has the flexibility to act rather than react. It’s for this reason that we are constantly developing  and adding new elements to the platform to generate even more value or to unlock new opportunities for our clients as they appear on the horizon.

What’s more, the best solutions are those that reflect your customers’ as well as your business needs. This is why EXP+ is so diverse in its offerings – leveraging tools and processes from partners alongside our own in-house expertise and technologies to create the best possible solutions for individual client needs. This is only possible by identifying the best foundational technologies and building upon them based on our CX expertise.

Deliver Greater Value – Fast

EXP+ delivers greater value over a shorter time. It is designed to scale and to create flexible connections where data and insights are never lost. By using our decades of expertise and CX know-how, you can be confident it can deliver a solution that fits your needs today and ready to unlock opportunities, a step ahead of tomorrow’s challenges. 

With EXP+, you will boost efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction, giving you the power to streamline and optimize every aspect of your end-to-end CX delivery.

written by Sitel Staff
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