Insights|Innovation Powered by Emotion at EmpowerCX Americas

Innovation Powered by Emotion at EmpowerCX Americas

Mike Small, CEO - Americas at Sitel Group, focused his EmpowerCX presentation on the human customer experience and how it’s built into Sitel Group’s DNA

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Innovation powered by emotion
by Sitel staff May 13, 2019 - 2 MIN READ

Mike Small, CEO – Americas at Sitel Group, focused his EmpowerCX presentation on the human customer experience and how it’s built into Sitel Group’s DNA

Digital disruption, AI and automation and big data. One would expect each of these topics to receive major consideration in a keynote focused on the future of the BPO industry.

“If you’re not innovating, someone else is,” stated Mike Small CEO – Americas for Sitel Group as he addressed the attendees at EmpowerCX 2019 Americas. “I understand and I embrace the importance of innovation and technology. But it has to be rooted back to what matters.”

The employee experience is the customer experience

And, in the case of Sitel Group, what matters most is the people using that technology.

“We’ve seen significant gains from automation,” offered Small as an example. “But our group’s perspective, when we’re dealing with your brands, your customers, we view automation as something that has to drive value not just to your brand or your client but also for our associates.”

Every technology decision that Sitel makes, it makes around its people because the employee experience is what dictates the customer experience.

“This isn’t a contentious issue,” explained Small. “I’m passionate about people – about developing great people and about actually giving back. Within the company, it’s never been technology versus human. We see it as complementary, necessary and most important of all if we want to enable a phenomenal client experience, we need to embrace both.”

Indeed, according to Small, in the future, the companies that lead will be the ones that leverage technology to give their people top priority.

Innovation that heightens human emotional intelligence

“How can innovative technology enhance productivity and enable human connection?” he asked. “This is why we’ve spent a tremendous amount of time on our associate experience. How through technology and innovation do we remove barriers and drive the human connection? Because when we talk about automation and RPA, the multiplier in the equation is human emotional intelligence.”

And with that Small used the stage to give three Sitel associates – from across North America and Nearshore – the recognition they deserve. “It’s great that you hear from leaders and phenomenal keynote speakers. But I like keeping it real. I like the stories from our agents,” he said. “What matters to the group is having fantastic associates and recognizing those fantastic associates.”

Mike Small high-fiving agents during EmpowerCX2019 Americas

Our Empowered voices.

This year, three Sitel Group associates attended EmpowerCX Americas from their respective region: LeKeisha McHenry, Work at Home; Alisha Lee, St. Catharines, Ontario; and Marcelo Enriquez, San Pedro, Mexico.  

“If we empower our teams that represent our clients – watch what we can do!” exclaimed Small. “It starts with the associate. If you focus on the associate and the associate experience, you add a multiplier effect around customer experience.”

It’s people like LeKeisha, Alisha and Marcelo that exemplify this philosophy and highlight the value of human care in providing unique experiences for our client’s customers every day. Our Empowered voices campaign aims to highlight these voices at the other end of the phone or screen and share their stories. Sitel employees of all levels of the organization are encouraged to submit their own experiences, stories and words of wisdom to our Empowered voices blog. Find these and many other of our Empowered voices at

Watch Mike Small’s full keynote here

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