Last week, the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) hosted more than 700 attendees from 50+ countries at the annual Outsourcing World Summit in Orlando, Florida. The participants represented the customer experience perspective from nearly all industries around the world. This year’s summit included topics highlighting the future of outsourcing, digital singularity and Blockchains.

Imagine the possibilities to enhance the customer experience when boundaries between company’s systems and programs can be eliminated – safely and securely.

With more than 40 breakout sessions, various topics were covered including digitalization, automation, cloud platforms, vendor management, contract negotiations and governance and blockchains.

A keynote, led by Dr. March C. Lacity, Cuators’ Distinguished Professor at UMSL, provided a primer on blockchains for Business. Following the session was an in-depth discussion on the business applications of blockchains by Nilesh Vaidya, EVP, Capgemini, and a simple demo showcasing the ability to link loyalty programs together on a mobile device.

When human experience meets technological omnipresence

Participants were also treated to a thought-provoking keynote from Kevin Parikh, COP, CEO, Avasant, focusing on Digital Singularity: The End or a new Beginning? A key takeaway from Parikh’s keynote was: when human experience meets technological omnipresence, you’ll have the freedom to explore intellectual pursuits.

As an event sponsor, Sitel Group was proud to have Arnaud de Lacoste, the group’s Chief Marketing Officer, Partnerships & Innovation, discuss “Botshore: Imagining the Future of Customer Relationships” in his breakout session. He emphasized that artificial intelligence (AI) will not replace humans in the customer service world, but rather it will allow us to focus on more empathetic and emotional activities, a sentiment echoed throughout the week by several speakers.

“AI is not all doom and gloom for the future of work – it’s time to stop pitting tech and humans against each other,” said de Lacoste.

Sitel Group Recognized as One of the Best Outsourcing Service Providers

For the 13th consecutive year, Sitel was recognized in the Global Outsourcing 100a list of companies renowned as the world’s best outsourcing service providers and advisors.

“The IAOP 2018 list recognizes the lead Sitel Group has taken in creating a culture of high-performance awareness and embedding innovation in the workplace,” said de Lacoste. “We are dedicated to enhancing and evolving our offerings to support our client’s business needs in the digital age, and this honor is a positive indication that we’re on track for setting new, innovative standards for the industry.”

At Sitel Group, we help navigate the new, digitally led ways in which customers want to engage and assist brands in delivering outstanding customer experiences. To learn more about our end-to-end customer journey solutions, contact us today!

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