Insights|Sitel Group® Gives Back: 4 Ways We Make an Impact in Our Communities

Sitel Group® Gives Back: 4 Ways We Make an Impact in Our Communities


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by Sitel staff December 2, 2020 - 3 MIN READ

By living well, leaving footprints for others to follow and cultivating a work environment where everyone feels free to be who they are and actively support causes they care about, we put Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) top of mind for our people and our organization.

Whether it’s teaching free English classes to local teenagers, hosting blood drives, providing emergency aid for storm hit regions or simply opening our doors to the community to improve their education and access to technology, we work together to positively impact the communities in which we live and work.


As the third pillar in our new Employee Promise, Learn, Lead & Grow, no matter where our people are located in the world, we are equally committed to giving back and making a positive impact. 

Giving back, making ethical choices and showing respect for our communities within the 29 countries in which we’re located as well as the wider environment is in our DNA. Global businesses must have a social conscience in order to remain sustainable, successful and responsible. Demonstrating that we do the right thing by our people and the planet is a vital component of creating a culture and an environment where people want to work – and where they choose to make a personal and professional investment.

At Sitel Group®, we take a 4-step holistic approach to CSR that focuses both inward and outward.

1 / Live Well

Internally, our responsibility towards our people encompasses health, wellbeing, raising awareness of environmental issues and, of course, of celebrating diversity and cultivating an inclusive and ethical working environment.

Through SitelFit, our global health and wellness community, we not only promote but actively encourage and support both physical and mental health through activity tracking apps and the gamification of exercise and healthy living. We link individual and collective progress to charitable donations (we just donated $15,000 to UNICEF as part of our #OneSmallChange challenge this Fall) as well as prizes for staff members.

As we open (and pivot some of our existing contact centers to) the new MAXhub centers, we are taking SitelFit even further  by offering health and fitness spaces such as gyms for our employees and their families and through subsidizing healthy and nutritious meals at on-site cafeterias (details vary by location).

2 / Be Ethical

As part of our drive to be a fair, safe and respectful employer, we are a member of the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. Through this partnership, we are committed to supporting and advancing strategies and operations in all areas within our sphere of influence. This includes adopting and actively promoting universal principles on human rights, labor and anti-corruption.

Through our CSR program, we leverage our global footprint to locally benefit people and the planet – one experience at a time. 

One of the most effective ways of giving back is through intellectual philanthropy. Part of our inclusion and diversity strategy, our WELead program engages leaders in the organization in mentoring female employees to help them reach their potential.

3 / Give Back

An element of mentoring is showing our people what they can do to help each other and the wider community and to provide them with the support they need for these endeavors. We call this initiative Sitel® Footprints and it allows our employees to identify and work with good causes. Sitel Footprints is our “feet on the ground” program where we strive to leave people and communities better than when we found them. 

For example, in the Philippines, a small group of trainers decided they wanted to give back by offering English lessons to the local community. Thanks to their hard work and the support that Sitel® Philippines offered, the idea has grown into an award-winning nation-wide initiative that helps the long-term unemployed reenter the job market while providing disabled people with access to training and the latest digital technologies.

4 / Go Green

As the MAXhub model enables many more of our people to work remotely, it is also helping us  double down on our commitment to lowering CO2 emissions and the use of resources. With a remote workforce, our centers use less electricity and physical resources as a result.

This transition also has a beneficial effect on wellbeing. In many large cities around the world, the daily commute is a stressful, time-hungry experience. By eliminating what most people consider the worst part of their work day, we are giving people back valuable time, reducing the financial expenses of traveling and alleviating stress and frustration. 

Learn more about Sitel Group and join our Talent Community.

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