Insights|Highlights from Sitel Summit 2017

Highlights from Sitel Summit 2017

Sitel Summit 2017 proved to be an incredible experience that brought together industry experts, analysts, clients and thought leaders to exchange ideas and explore the digital transformation of customer experience!

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by Sitel staff May 29, 2017 - 2 MIN READ

Sitel Summit 2017 proved to be an incredible experience that brought together industry experts, analysts, clients and thought leaders to exchange ideas and explore the digital transformation of customer experience!

Behind-the-Scenes at Sitel Summit 2017

Watch highlights and hear what those attending had to say about this one-of-a-kind event:

Here’s what Ivan Kotzev, Research Analyst with Nelson Hall captured as a central theme and some key takeaways from the Sitel Summit.

Across the different presentations at the event, a consistent topic was concentration on the digital roadmap, earning executive support, and empowering frontline staff instead of over-focus on technology. These different journeys may require:

– Moving digital ownership from IT to marketing, as was the case with Wyndham Hotel Group, where CMO Barry Goldstein took on a digital enablement journey with its 8k hotels in 70 countries

– Expanding to video despite initial opposition, as Don Deliz from Intuit described, where the ~600 seasonal work-at-home tax advisory began offering one-way video conferencing with co-browsing capabilities while maintaining a professional appearance and protecting personal data

– Applying human intelligence at the core of the process, as Peter Francis from T-Mobile explained, to drive digital adoption and, in the case of T-Mobile, making the asynchronous in-app chat a primary contact channel with a newly formed team handling 100k messages weekly at 30-40 concurrency and 4.5/5 CSAT performance

– Creating an engrained CX culture, like the example Doug Woodard shared about a Capital One agent going beyond her training and company procedure to deliver a highly personal and compassionate service to a war veteran.

Read Ivan Kotzev’s article “Augmented Humans will Expand the Digital CX Frontier: Lessons from Sitel Summit

Melissa O’Brien, Research Director – Customer Engagement with HFS shared some themes and impactful takeaways from the Sitel Summit:

– Align the entire organization to customer centricity. To effectively serve the digital customer, the corporate focus needs to create a work culture where individuals are encouraged to spend more time interpreting data, understanding the needs of the front end of the business and ensuring the support functions keep pace with the front office.

– Find the right blend of digital and human touch to meet customer expectations. This is not going to start with technology, it’s going to start with understanding your customers, their expectations, and pain points. Companies thinking about digital customer experience need to start mapping the customer journey, which in many cases means using digital technology along with the human touch.

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Stay tuned for announcements about Sitel Summit 2018!

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