Gold-Medal-Customer-ExperienceDuring the 2018 Olympic Games, we’ve been captivated by the grace, power and sustainability of the Olympic athletes. When it comes to world-class performance, we can’t forget the training, management, innovation and strategy it takes to achieve a gold medal. Within our business of customer experience management, we can achieve that same feeling. We’ve put together a list of six important lessons we can learn from Olympians and how to apply them to exceptional customer experience.

1) Assess Your Fitness and Health

It’s important for businesses to realize their weaknesses in order to overcome challenges. Years of hard work and training are devoted by Olympians before arriving at the games. Every sport requires certain assets, from flexibility to speed. Auditing your business and understanding it’s health is crucial to finding where one needs to excel.

2) Get a Coach

Now that you’re committed, you need a coach or a mentor. An expert in customer experience management is vital in supporting you crafting the right strategy. Coaching is the most important factor of success for any Olympian, and this is no different when it comes to customer experience management.

3) Leverage your team

Whether Olympians are in an individual or team sport, they are each part of a larger team – and a strong network of supporters. Athletes must work together to achieve their shared goal: bringing home the medals. In the customer experience business, teams must work together to achieve common goals and overall success. To create exceptional customer experiences for clients, it’s imperative each team member is transparent (communicating the good and the bad), works cross-functionally and builds relationships.

4) Be committed

Olympic athletes dedicate thousands of hours before reaching the Olympic gold medal. What makes your business different? Are you willing to do the same? Have you put in the time commitment for it to pay off? For success, your business must be committed to delivering the best customer experience to achieve the payoff.

5) Embrace innovation and tech

Just like an athlete, your business needs the right equipment to thrive. To deliver outstanding customer experiences that your clients deserve, preparation is a must. Embracing analytic tools as well as automation to improve your team reporting and find out what works and what doesn’t is key to the success of your business.

6) Have a dream

You simply cannot achieve excellence in customer experience without striving for the best. Shoot for your dreams! No Olympic champion has ever achieved gold without this kind of motivation. Businesses must have a clear, concise vision in order to properly do their best and get to the gold.

At Sitel Group, we know what it takes to win awards in customer experience management. Whether you need a coach or a partner, we can help. See how we help businesses with their customer experience management solutions.

Olivier Camino

Olivier Camino, Chief Operating Officer (COO), is responsible for all Operations and Account Management at Sitel. Since January 2016, Olivier has served as COO of Sitel Group and continues his commitment of reshaping the future of the Customer Experience Management industry.