It’s official. Beginning today, any organization or individual based anywhere in the world, that offers goods or services to, or monitors the behavior of European citizens and in doing so process or holds their data; needs to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

An opportunity not an obstacle for businesses

Ignoring the new EU-wide regulation could result in severe financial penalties but, more importantly, it could also result in your company falling out of step with its customers. And that’s because if properly implemented and communicated, the GDPR is a unique opportunity to reinvent and reinforce your customer relationships for the data age.

GDPR protects customers while improving data flows

The GDPR exists to empower individuals when it comes to how their personal information is collected, stored and used. The regulation was developed to take into account emerging data-driven technologies and services such as the Internet of Things. However, it also exists to bring legal harmony to the continent in terms of data protection. Its introduction means that companies looking to do business across EU member state borders need only comply with one regulation. This, in turn enables the free flow of valuable data throughout the continent. A real advantage for business.

Dedicated GDPR website

To help companies of all sizes understand their responsibilities regarding the regulation and to realize the potential benefits it can bring in terms of customer experience, Sitel Group created a dedicated microsite.

It covers various aspects of the GDPR and features video explainers, infographics and in-depth articles on aspects such as the approach organizations should take to explain to their customers how and why their data is being collected.

“The GDPR presents an opportunity to reconnect with your customers, to build trust and to promote transparency,” explains John Hayward, Sitel Group’s EMEA legal counsel and European Union data protection officer. “By communicating with your customers what data you collect and how you use it, it fosters a greater understanding and therefore a greater scope for personalizing the customer experience.”

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