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Embrace the Future of CX in the Metaverse

How brands can prepare for the Metaverse’s impact on customer experience.

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by Sitel staff September 27, 2022 - 3 MIN READ

The Metaverse is considered by many as the next phase of digital transformation and customer interaction. It is a collection of highly immersive virtual spaces where users can live, play, socialize, work, build and purchase via avatars.

This virtual environment leverages multiple disruptive technologies (VR, AR, blockchain, etc.) that give new opportunities for brands to interact with their customers and engage them with virtual products or in immersive experiences. It is a place where brands can augment themselves, and develop deeper and more meaningful relationships with customers, which can increase brand loyalty and generate new revenue streams.

Let’s explore how the rapid development of the Metaverse is encouraging brands to reimagine their CX strategy and examine the potential benefits, risks and challenges that lay ahead. 

The Metaverse’s CX Snapshot

Traditionally, the Metaverse operates in gaming and social media, where users interact through virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR). This is set to change. Various industries, organizations and government bodies have been incorporating the Metaverse into their operations and CX strategy.

From the growth of digital tourism through AR technology to “Metaverse Seoul,” a five-year-plan to make Korea’s capital a Metaverse city, the world is poised to break outside the normal bounds of interactivity. According to a Citi research report, the Metaverse may be worth up to $13 trillion by 2030, with five billion total users.

Retailers and manufacturers are also becoming increasingly interested in the potential that virtual worlds offer. From fashion shows into decentralized Metaverse to collections of digital assets sold in NFT marketplaces, we’ve witnessed an increasing number of use cases delivering value at different levels.

An example is Nike’s venture into the video game Roblox with Nikeland, an event where users can play sports and grab virtual Nike gear for their avatars. This creates opportunities for brands to interact outside of the traditional customer experience field.

Research from McKinsey & Company revealed that two-thirds of respondents are excited to engage in digital experiences with their favorite brand. Organizations are seizing the opportunity to create new avenues of communication, interactivity and brand advocacy for customers.

How to Rethink Your CX Strategy

Here are eight strategies that companies can consider as they rethink their CX to benefit from the development of the Metaverse and the opportunities it offers:

  1. Explore and invest in the technology needed to create new products/experiences (AR, XR, MR, blockchain, etc.).
  2. Create dedicated roles and hire experts to successfully design, develop and implement these virtual products/experiences.
  3. Redesign customer journey(s) to integrate these new touch points.
  4. Ensure the highest level of customer care and technical support leveraging the right blend of channels, automated CX technologies and self-service solutions.
  5. Consider new formats of support mainly/only available in these virtual spaces (CX associates available through VR, CX associates in the format of avatars available in real time within the virtual spaces, AI-Powered bots in the format of avatars, etc.).
  6. Track the right metrics and collect data to continuously improve the CX.
  7. Guarantee security and ensure customer safety. These virtual spaces will surely create new threats.
  8. Test, learn and iterate.

The Challenges and Benefits of Jumping into the Metaverse

Incorporating Metaverse technology into your organization can leave your brand and customers vulnerable to malicious intent from nefarious actors. In a poll from Morning Consult, over half of respondents who are interested in the Metaverse are concerned about online abuse and cyberbullying, with 44% similarly concerned about content moderation.

Failing to meet these challenges threatens further adoption, general wellbeing and brand image. To offer a successful Metaverse user experience, brands need to:

  • Ensure smooth onboarding and new user support.
  • Provide ongoing technical support options.
  • Offer a secure identity verification mechanism to know who the users are and remain compliant.
  • Guarantee safe and secure payment options to ensure trust and confidence.
  • Respect and guarantee users’ privacy.
  • Protect the business against fraud and misuse by users.
  • Provide support with social media activities and community management outside the game.

We aim to resolve these key issues with Metaverse native organizations and newcomers by combining world-class CX processes, solutions and technologies at every stage of the customer journey. Recently, ISG Research™ has identified Sitel Group® as a strong partner to deliver world-class Meta Customer Experiences (MCX) and support solutions through each layer of the metaverse. If you’ll like to learn more, download the briefing notes today. 

Let’s Build a Brighter Future

Sitel Group® is excited to announce that it has recently joined the Metaverse Standards Forum as a participating member. Since its launch in June 2022, the forum has rapidly grown as a collaborative community for over 1,200 organizations to discuss how standards and relevant problems in the Metaverse can be developed to create a more immersive and inclusive space for users.

We continue to drive our mission to deliver authentic and safe CX for Metaverse users. Stay tuned for future content on this space.

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