At Sitel Group, our team of developers is working on a unique interface allowing advisers to train and subsequently manage bots – the Bot Trainer.

Enhancing AI engines for a better next gen customer experience!

Make way for a future where man and machine work together and new professional roles emerge as customer experience reaches unprecedented heights. The R&D team at Innso, Sitel Group’s software venture, has developed the Bot Trainer: an Innso platform module used to train chatbots to better understand customer queries. Our group has rounded off our global multi-shore market offerings with the Botshore™ concept and we have established our plan to evolve into the next generation of customer experience.

I am convinced that in the customer experience industry, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) will coincide with an evolution of the role of adviser and the emergence of new jobs. First of all, there are several levels of interactions: 100 percent automated, semi-automated and human interactions assisted by bots. The latter will be able to intervene at a front office level to answer customer queries, but also at a back office level to help advisors provide customers with quicker responses or better solutions. The bot will interpret the conversation and make recommendations to the advisor by analyzing the consumer’s profile.

As customer journeys follow an increasingly less linear pattern, the back and forth between man and bot will become permanent. The scope of man-machine cooperation will expand, and the customer experience will develop along new lines where part of the conversation is initiated by a bot, then later pursued more extensively with a human advisor.

At Sitel Group, we firmly believe in the wake of these transformations there will be two new jobs taking shape: Data Advisor and Quality Advisor. For an AI backed bot to become relevant, it must be told what is and what isn’t accurate. This is a labor-intensive process requiring deep-seated knowledge of our industry. Before bots can ever begin performing more complicated tasks, they must be trained. And who better to train them than advisors themselves? It is the obvious next step and the only conceivable way in which these industry-specific professions will evolve: our associates will take on the responsibility of initial and permanent training of “robots.”

  • Sitel Data Advisors are dedicated to improving bots within the Bot Trainer platform.
  • Sitel Quality Advisor ensure the training quality by watching over the classification work and improving it.

Once bots are adequately trained, there will, of course, always remain situations demanding answers that bots haven’t yet been trained for. At this stage, we’ve devised a new job altogether: a Bot Designer. This expert will be in charge of overseeing the performance of 20, 50 or 100 bots that operate in parallel. He or she will step in to resolve more problematic cases that the “bot team” can’t answer or fix. In this way, he or she will continue fueling the Bot Builder. Acting as orchestral conductors of the future Botshore™ today’s customer experience and/or data processing agents are set to become the managers of tomorrow!

Bot trainers - the future of customer experience

Innso Bot Trainer

The idea is simple: let your advisors, who intimately know your customers, products and processes, train your bots – rather than coders. The interface we’ve developed is both user-friend and fun – allowing your advisors to train a natural language processing engine to keep improving its level of accuracy in understanding a conversation.

We hear a great deal on the topic of AI, machine learning or deep learning, but the current discourse frequently omits the decisive element of precision. A task can indeed seem very simple and error-proof when it is accomplished by a human being; however, it is incredibly complex for a machine to ensure the same 100 percent accuracy.

Ultimately this solution aims to truly enhance the level and quality of an AI engine’s understanding in order to increase the accuracy of the suggested response.

If you’re interested in learning more about Innso Bot Trainerand Sitel Botshore™ offer, reach out to us.

Arnaud De Lacoste

Chief Marketing Officer, Partnerships & Innovation - Committed to reshaping the Customer Experience Management industry for the future and to transforming the industry.