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Empowering our People to Grow Their Career


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by Sitel staff November 11, 2020 - 3 MIN READ


At Sitel Group®, we are committed to giving our people the capabilities and confidence they need to succeed and move forward on their professional journey. We provide our employees with the tools, skills and resources to mold their careers.

Our people define our company, its culture and its success. That’s why when new members join the Sitel Group family, they become its most valuable asset. This, in turn, is why we place such a premium on investing in each of our employees and nurturing their skills and development – it’s the key to their continued growth and that of the organization.

Four Ways to GROW AS YOU GO at Sitel Group® 

The first of our five pillars of our brand-new Employee Promise, Learn, Lead & Grow, GROW AS YOU GO is our promise to hire based on each individual’s strengths and to onboard, train and encourage people based on what they do well.

We invest in our people with internal programs, training and initiatives to develop their skills and help them reach their goals. They choose where they want to go; we help them get there.

We understand and welcome the fact that increasingly, people approach a potential employer with a clear set of expectations. Simple job satisfaction is not enough. Personal and professional growth are front of mind, as is the ability to apply their existing skills and knowledge in a way that brings meaning and fulfillment to what they do every day. An employee needs to believe in the future of our organization and be able to see themselves participating in it. 

We promote personal and professional growth by offering competitive career opportunities that allow hard-working people to create their own success stories.

1/ Choose your Own Sitel Adventure

We want you to write your own success story. To help your story have a happy ending, we use training and development to support your personal and professional growth.

Continued training and development is a vital component of employee engagement. Engagement is about ensuring our people feel actively involved in our organization through their experiences, that they are enthusiastic and believe the commitment they make to us is being reciprocated. We make this possible through our internal Learning Management System (LMS), Empower Center. 

We pay this dedication forward by giving our people everything they need to perform. But that’s just the first step. We also have to make sure that, through our approach to training and development, they can position themselves for continued individual and team success.

2/ Plan with Confidence

A commitment to life-long learning fosters an environment of trust; one where support can be taken for granted so that our people can plan with confidence for their professional future.

We treat our people as stakeholders in their individual, collective and our organization’s future success. By making sure our people grow, we grow our company. This, in turn, grows the opportunities available to our people for promotion, professional betterment and job security.

Our training philosophy is one of setting challenges, then giving our people what they need to meet these challenges head-on.

3/ Coaching, Not Managing

This is why coaching and mentoring are important elements. We don’t believe in micromanagement; instead, we are invested in helping people maximize their performance – to maximize their enjoyment of their role – while identifying and eradicating weaknesses and strengthening existing skills, capabilities and innate talents through the right sort of support and guidance.

The digital tools and processes we put at our coaches’ disposal mean this support and guidance is in real time, which in turn means your continued success can be realized in the moment.

4/ Learning Leads to Promotion

At the same time, each of our people has direct access to a suite of eLearning courses focusing on each aspect of their role plus the qualities and capabilities needed within other disciplines within the company. We actively promote from within, further strengthening our company culture and rewarding those who have committed to help our company continue moving forward.

We work with each employee to develop personalized learning paths to make the most of the courses, tools and other facilities. 

In short, we invest in you with internal programs, training and initiatives to develop your skills and help you reach your goals. We promote from within. We provide you with the tools, skills and resources to develop, both professionally and personally. You choose where you want to go; we help you get there.

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