Insights|EmpowerCX Virtual: Our CX Event Speakers

EmpowerCX Virtual: Our CX Event Speakers

EmpowerCX, Sitel Group’s annual CX industry event, is going virtual for 2020. Log on and connect with CX industry best practices, network with peers and discover all of the latest trends and technologies driving the industry forward – from the safety of your own home – on October 14 and 15.

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by Martin Wilkinson-Brown September 23, 2020 - 5 MIN READ

The format may be different, but this year’s EmpowerCX promises to have the same impact on your business and its ability to deliver customer experience (CX). 

It is still packed with keynotes and breakout sessions and is still dedicated to helping business leaders understand and overcome the challenges organizations face in striving for CX excellence: empowered, effective employee training and development; leveraging technologies – from speech analytics to intelligent automation; the creation and deployment of chatbots; and unlocking the benefits of moving towards a digital business transformation. 

CX Delivery in a Post-COVID-19 World

At 11 a.m. ET on October 14, Sitel Group®’s leaders will officially open the eventwith an expert analysis of the past 12 months, the lessons learned and the trends going forward as brands attempt to align their CX with customer expectations in a post-COVID-19 world.

Sitel Group President, CEO and co-founder, Laurent Uberti will focus his keynote presentation on how 2020 has forever changed end-to-end CX delivery and the steps Sitel Group has taken since coronavirus was officially declared a pandemic, in March, to assist brands across all industry sectors in adapting to and evolving their strategies to meet the unique challenges of this year.

The Employee Experience is the Customer Experience

Uberti will be followed by Global COO and co-founder, Olivier Camino, who will speak about how a commitment to people and culture, driven by the Sitel MAX program, has enabled Sitel Group to innovate and rapidly respond to the changing needs of the CX industry and the new world of work created by the COVID-19 crisis.

Sharing details on the MAX difference and how it is putting innovation directly in the hands of our global community, with tangible results from some of the many projects delivered over the last 12 months.
Camino will also speak about a recent innovation born from Sitel MAX, responding to the catalyst of COVID-19,  accelerating our industry into the future; reimagining the contact center of the future via our MAXhubs creating a new home for CX built upon the power of employee engagement.

Introducing EXP+™ your Platform for CX Success

Americas CEO Mike Small will also share his insights and take time to examine the increasingly virtual world in which CX now exists and the digital challenges businesses now face, looking beyond COVID-19 to the future and how brands can drive better results by reimagining the way in which CX partnerships work. Speaking about a new, more outcome-based approach to CX BPO partnerships, Small will discuss the new  Enterprise Experience Platform from Sitel Group, EXP+, and how the flexibility of our solutions can simplify the delivery of end-to-end CX services, while boosting efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Understanding Innovation with Everest Group

Innovation is key to business growth. However, because digital technology is now the ultimate driver of innovation, the pace at which change is occurring is making it harder and harder for businesses to keep up and understand the benefits the latest breakthrough could deliver. To bring clarity to the topic, Samuel Bendor-Samuel, founder and CEO of Everest Group, will examine the past, present and future of innovation, its historical and contemporary impact, how and when to invest in innovation and what organizations can hope to expect from their service providers as they move through the stages of digital transformation.

Build your Own Experience

Alongside keynotes, as part of our virtual CX event, we will have four breakout sessions each day aligned to our EXP+™ product families: Empower, Engage, Explore and Evolve.

Simply choose the sessions that are most applicable to your business and that best suit your needs to empower your brand’s CX, when you register.

EXP+™ Empower

  • Day 1: Discover the Right Approach to Training – In this session attendees will hear how forward-thinking companies are approaching learning and development. Learn how the right approach to training can drive drastic improvements to training duration, speed to proficiency, customer satisfaction, attrition and more to empower your people.
  • Day 2: The Technology Behind Learning – How can you achieve learning goals, reduce administration time and improve learner engagement to empower your people? Technology! It is the driver behind these training goals. Join this session to learn about the right mix of technology for your learners while experiencing virtual reality (VR) powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

EXP+™ Engage

  • Day 1: The Future of Work: Where should work at home fit in your long term CX strategy? – Work from home has quickly become a crucial component in CX delivery as the events of 2020 have unfolded. Join this session to engage and learn more about best practices and new innovations in work from home support and how to leverage this business model to deliver superior CX.
  • Day 2: The Power of Speech Analytics Driving First Party Collections – Join this session to be among the first to learn from our pilot results with major brands who are using speech analytics to better engage with and support customers during the first party collections process to achieve improved business outcomes. You’ll hear real stories about the entire process – from conception to implementation to steady state to the latest results.

EXP+™ Explore

  • Day 1: Improving the Four Pillars of Quality – Compliance, customer experience, operational effectiveness and revenue generation are key to driving a successful business. Register for this session to explore how you can leverage speech analytics to monitor 100% of call volume, reduce customer effort, lower average handle time and increase sales conversion, all while improving the four pillars of quality.
  • Day 2: Actionable Ways to Improve Total Cost of Ownership – Introducing best-in-class industry practices and leading-edge technologies that can be leveraged to explore customer insight and improve CX more efficiently across customer touchpoints. This has led many brands to realize significant improvements in total cost of ownership (TCO). Join this session to learn actions you can take to drive similar results in your business

EXP+™ Evolve

  • Day 1: Case Study: Improving VOC Through Automation – This session covers how a global medical company analyzes IVR data in five countries with five different languages. Find out how you can evolve your brand from having a manual, resource-intensive process to a complete transformation with automated transcription, translation service and language modeling.
  • Day 2: Create a Digital Strategy that Integrates Across Channels – Customers are actively seeking out digital alternatives, and brands must help their customers to help themselves – with self-service and automation options – to deliver a superior CX. Join this session to hear how brands around the world are working to evolve their CX strategies with cohesive digital solutions to drive faster customer service and increase customer satisfaction, while also driving cost efficiencies by deflecting calls from voice-based channels.

Get ready for EmpowerCX 2021

As an organization dedicated to its people and its clients, this year’s EmpowerCX is only possible as a virtual event – your health, safety and wellbeing are our absolute priorities. But never fear, the show must go on and while as a virtual event we can’t guarantee the quality of the coffee, we can guarantee the quality of the insights, analysis and best practices on offer.

What’s more, we’re still dedicated to hosting a physical customer experience event and so we hope to see you all in-person next June for EmpowerCX 2021 at the InterContinental San Diego (watch for more details). 

written by Martin Wilkinson-Brown Chief Marketing Officer
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