Insights|Don’t Miss EmpowerCX NOW Bitesize: A Sitel Group LinkedIn Live Series

Don’t Miss EmpowerCX NOW Bitesize: A Sitel Group LinkedIn Live Series

Welcome to a new easy- to-digest series on the future of customer experience (CX) delivery.

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by Sitel Staff July 30, 2020 - 2 MIN READ

EmpowerCX NOW Bitesize is a new short-form webinar series hosted by Camille Thompson, Global Head of Marketing Campaigns, Sitel Group, broadcast live on LinkedIn, dedicated to providing a snapshot view of the latest trends, innovation and thought leadership shaping the future of customer experience delivery.

How can businesses leverage technology to improve their first-party collections operations? Which new coronavirus-driven consumer trends are set to develop into long-term behaviors? What will the contact center of the future look like as the world navigates towards a new normal?

Concise content

Each EmpowerCX NOW Bitesize episode takes one of these questions – plus many more  – and provides a concise answer supported by evidence and industry expertise that will pique viewers’ interest and give them the initial insights they need to conduct further research and increase their understanding.

This is also why each episode is supported by in-depth Sitel Group webinars, articles, white papers and studies to provide those that want to learn more with the most compressive suite of resources available. 

Smart collections

The series kicked off on June 26 by examining smart collections and why taking a technologically supported approach to collecting outstanding debts is key to increasing remittances without having a negative impact on brand perception or CX. 

Featuring Josh Rogowsky, head of Sitel Group’s collections services, the 15-minute episode covered the major talking points on the topic so that viewers can deep dive with confidence thereafter.

The contact center of the future

For the second episode, which originally aired on July 1, Sitel Group co-founder and Global COO, Olivier Camino discussed our new MAXhubs concept, which we believe will come to define the contact center of the future because it blends the best elements of on-site and remote working for the best levels of work-life balance and cultural and company engagement.

The first MAXhubs in the Philippines are already operational and further contact centers built on the concept will be opening in Europe, Colombia and the U.S. in the coming months.

COVID-19 consumer study

On July 10 Sitel Group’s CMO Martin Wilkinson-Brown used his Bitesize episode to discuss some of the most important findings from our COVID-19: the CX Impact study which highlights how consumer behaviors are evolving due to the pandemic and provides a playbook for organizations that want to realign their CX to meet these changing needs.

The study, based on responses from 1,000 U.S. and 1,000 U.K. in March and again in May of this year, uncovered some surprising results regarding consumers’ attitudes toward brands and also underlines the value that consumers place on a positive customer experience when choosing which organizations to do business with.

Lessons learned

The fourth episode, Lessons Learned from COVID-19, featured Pete Weaklend, Sitel Group’s SVP, Sitel at Home solutions. He and Thompson discussed the challenges faced during the pandemic by companies that offer end-to-end customer experience, and the solutions developed to ensure businesses could still deliver on customer expectations even in light of social distancing and the move to the work at home model.

Still to come

Throughout August the series will continue with an episode dedicated to speech analytics on August 7 and one on Cognizant and FAQ chatbots scheduled for August 21. Chatbots and speech analytics are becoming key components of customer experience enabling businesses to improve the customer journey, reduce customer churn and to provide self-service options that can delight customers while simultaneously deflecting low-value contacts from live communication channels.

Past episodes of EmpowerCX NOW Bitesize are available to watch on our website. To watch or partake in upcoming shows, make sure to follow Sitel Group’s LinkedIn page for the latest updates and notifications regarding live events.

written by Sitel Staff
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