Insights|EmpowerCX NOW Bitesize: The Philippines Holding Strong and EXP+™

EmpowerCX NOW Bitesize: The Philippines Holding Strong and EXP+™

The easy-to-digest web series on the future of customer experience (CX) delivery returns October 2

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by Sitel Staff September 30, 2020 - 2 MIN READ

Our quick-hit webinar series – EmpowerCX NOW Bitesize – returns in October with a focus on learning and development trends, an examination of career paths within the contact center industry, plus a sneak peek of what attendees can expect from our annual CX event, EmpowerCX 2020, which this year is being delivered as a virtual live stream on October 14 and 15.

Hosted by Camille Thompson, Global Head of Marketing Campaigns, Sitel Group®, EmpowerCX NOW Bitesize is a short-form webinar series, broadcast live on LinkedIn that since June 26 has been rewarding thousands of viewers with a snapshot of the latest trends, innovations and thought leadership that is shaping the customer experience world in this most peculiar of years.

Which new coronavirus-driven consumer trends are set to develop into long-term behaviors? How can companies leverage speech analytics to understand customer intent? How good are the latest cognizant and FAQ chatbots at meeting customer expectations?

A fast fix

Over the course of seven concise episodes, EmpowerCX NOW Bitesize has examined each one of these questions (and more) offering easy-to-digest insights supported with further collateral – such as white papers and hour-long webinars – that viewers can then study at their leisure.

September 2020 Recap

In September, we had two (very different) episodes: how Sitel Philippines overcame the obstacles of COVID-19 by working together and the launch of Sitel Group’s brand-new brand message and the Enterprise Experience Platform, EXP+™!

The Philippines front and center

In September, attention first turned towards the Philippines and how our leadership in the country successfully overcame the challenges posed by COVID-19 to keep serving our client’s customers. 

A new brand message and new product platform

This episode was followed by the return of Martin Wilkinson-Brown who introduced Sitel Group’s new brand message – which was co-developed and decided by our employees around the world – alongside EXP+™ our new product platform designed to simplify the delivery of customized solutions for clients of all sizes operating in all verticals.

Make a date for October 2

EmpowerCX NOW Bitesize returns on October 2 and will focus on what to expect from our annual client CX event – EmpowerCX 2020 – which for the first time in its six-year history is going virtual. However, even in digital guise, attendees can still expect the same levels of industry insight and can partake in breakout sessions focused on key aspects of end-to-end customer experience management and delivery.

Meanwhile, for those who have missed earlier shows, every past episode of EmpowerCX NOW Bitesize is available to watch on our website

To watch or partake in upcoming shows, make sure to follow Sitel Group’s LinkedIn page for the latest updates and notifications regarding live events.

written by Sitel Staff
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