Insights|EmpowerCX NOW Bitesize: Driving Agent Performance with Speech Analytics and Sitel Chatbots

EmpowerCX NOW Bitesize: Driving Agent Performance with Speech Analytics and Sitel Chatbots

EmpowerCX NOW Bitesize is a Sitel Group LinkedIn Live Series dedicated to covering trends and the future of CX delivery.

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by Sitel Staff September 3, 2020 - 2 MIN READ

Last month, we introduced our new EmpowerCX NOW Bitesize series which takes place every other Friday on Sitel Group’s LinkedIn page.

EmpowerCX NOW Bitesize is a short-form webinar series hosted by Camille Thompson, Global Head of Marketing Campaigns, Sitel Group, dedicated to providing a snapshot view of the latest trends, innovation and thought leadership shaping the future of customer experience (CX) delivery.

August 2020 Recap
In August 2020, we had two episodes covering hot topics in the world of CX: speech analytics and chatbots. 

Driving Agent Performance with Speech Analytics

On August 7, Camille spoke with Cris Kuehl, VP, Analytics and Client Insights at Sitel Group, about how brands can efficiently monitor 100% of their interactions without tying up their resources (or their money) as well as improve the experience for both agents and customers. 

“It starts by working smarter and not harder,” said Cris. “Working with the best-in-class speech analytics technologies, coming up with your strategy and plan on how you’re going to tackle and focusing on change management. We’ve seen a really solid transition away from the manual QA [quality assurance] which was less than 1% of interactions; moving toward the 100% of interactions we’ve seen much more agent engagement and a lot more buy-in.”

At the end, Cris shared results we’ve achieved for some of our clients including 15% more revenue, a 50% decrease in after-call work for agents and an 85% increase in data accuracy. 

All About Chatbots

On August 21, Paul Harbaran, Director, Digital Strategy, Sitel Group, joined Camille to discuss creating and leveraging a strong chatbot strategy. In his role, Paul helps clients optimize their existing digital channels, helps them implement new solutions and supports with digital transformation across their business. 

In this episode, we discussed and examined the two types of chatbots Sitel Group offers: the Sitel Support Bot and Sitel Digital Agent – and use cases for each. Also, we spoke about success stories from a few of our recent chatbot deployments and how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the deployment of chatbots across the industry.

“Regardless of the chatbot solution, the expected benefits are going to be the same: to improve the online and digital customer experience to drive operational efficiency and to lower costs by allowing the chatbot to lower contacts,” said Paul. “We work with our clients to understand where the chatbot would fit best and if a Sitel Support Bot or Sitel Digital Agent would be best.”

Coming September 2020

Next month, look for more educational content on the CX industry with thought-provoking episodes on the Philippines (September 4) as well as some exciting news regarding Sitel Group’s products and go-forward business (September 18). 

In the first episode, Camille will be joined by special guests from the Sitel Philippines team discussing why the Philippines is such an attractive outsourcing location. This is a session you won’t want to miss as you’ll hear about the rich and multicultural heritage that the Philippines offers, including stories about Sitel’s associates and why they love working for company.

We can’t share details yet about our second September episode, but it’s one that you won’t want to miss!

Past episodes of EmpowerCX NOW Bitesize are available to watch on our website. To watch or partake in upcoming shows, make sure to follow Sitel Group’s LinkedIn page for the latest updates and notifications regarding live events.

written by Sitel Staff
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