What trends are disrupting professional training and development and how will they help you move your front-line employees even closer to your customers?

From immersive, virtual experiences that bring a company and its message to life, to being able to customize the same piece of training so it feels unique to each learner, Dan Gizzi, Learning Tribes Vice President of Business Development, examined innovative uses and development of technology that are unlocking new benefits for those companies looking to capitalize on employee training during his keynote address at this year’s Sitel Summit.

How professional development enhances your customer experience

“The digital trends impacting today’s learning is changing the way we focus on the journey of the customer and the journey of those members of staff closest to the customer,” said Gizzi.

During an illuminating address, he offered a host of concrete examples of how the combination of new learning approaches plus new devices are already taking customer care to a new level.

For example, with the growing move toward the ability to train at any moment, anywhere and on any device, an organization’s floor agents are becoming universal customer service experts. Thanks  to having access to digital devices such as tablets that give them an immediate overview of inventory, company systems or a customer’s history, these employees have everything they need to answer a question.

Training for any situation

But this is just the beginning. Because of tablets, when there is an unforeseen circumstance: “[associates] are able to train just in time,” explains Gizzi, “They can immediately access soft-skills content to help them to diffuse a situation before it becomes a problem.”

Likewise, the company can push out just-in-time units specifically focused on a potential issue so employees feel supported. Thus, the employees and therefore the brand is always proactive and not reactive in a situation that could become a moment of truth.

To learn more about the impact of all the latest developments in the fields of learning and training that Learning Tribes is championing, watch Dan Gizzi’s keynote from Sitel Summit in the video below.


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