Insights|Engage Customers and Drive Business Efficiencies with Sitel Digital Agent

Engage Customers and Drive Business Efficiencies with Sitel Digital Agent

If your brand isn’t leveraging the power of chatbots, a conversational user interface, then it could be missing out on significant business benefits.

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Sitel Digital Agent - A Conversational User Interface
by Sitel staff April 29, 2020 - 3 MIN READ

Chatbots are now part of customers’ day-to-day experience and a vital solution for brands who are constantly looking to enhance customer experience while also realizing efficiencies. Data from Juniper Research suggests that by 2023 chatbots will save businesses 27 billion customer service hours.

It’s not only brands that reap the benefits of chatbot efficiencies. Chatbot solutions provide the fast, efficient self-service solution that customers now expect. Our own data reveals that 71% of clients see an increase in customer satisfaction after partnering with us to implement a chatbot solution, with 56% seeing customer satisfaction increase in less than three months following implementation.

All of which means that if your brand isn’t leveraging the power of chatbots then it could be missing out on significant business benefits. At Sitel Group our leading-edge expertise and proven methodical approach creates end-to-end chatbot solutions that help our clients create closer customer relationships and realize tangible business benefits.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a software application that runs an automated task – usually over the internet. Therefore, in its most basic form, a chatbot is a computer program that, without human intervention, is capable of automating a narrow written (think Facebook Messenger) or oral (think Amazon Alexa) conversation with a person.

As such, chatbots have come a long way since ELIZA. Developed by MIT in 1966, ELIZA was able to mimic human conversation by using a pattern matching and substitution methodology while working within the confines of a script. 

Today, chatbot solutions come in several forms, from simple FAQ bots to intelligent conversation bots also known as digital agents. These conversational user interfaces leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to understand and respond in a more natural, human-like way.

Sitel Digital Agent

Our own Sitel Digital Agent is an automated conversational interface, developed on a robust AI foundation and delivered by customer experience specialists. The solution provides immediate response and flexible support, while also reducing the cost to serve.

A digital agent, or intelligent chatbot, can streamline other digital customer service channels, solving low-complexity cases and escalating more complex issues to human agents. However, as the digital agent continues to learn and develop over time, it can take on higher and higher chat volumes, making your channel more flexible and scalable, adding resiliency to your CX.

Digital Agent Benefits

For your Customers

  • 24/7 Service – driving customer satisfaction with answers at any time.
  • Immediacy – Allows customers to quickly solve their issues without waiting in the queue.
  • Simplicity and Precision – Helps customers with low-complexity tasks quickly, within their channel of choice.

For your Operations

  • Agent Empowerment – Bots undertake repetitive and mundane tasks, eliminating fatigue in care teams and helping agents focus on more meaningful, higher-complexity issues.
  • Resource Optimization – Chatbots can help brands manage seasonal spikes in volume without having to hire and train additional resources. They can also help provide a consistently positive customer experience during unexpected volume surges, from insurance claims caused by an unexpected weather event to customer concerns in a global pandemic.
  • Agent Assist – Chatbots can work side by side with agents, identifying customers’ needs and navigating knowledge bases to find answers faster, expediting issue resolution. They can also gather relevant information and pre-qualify customers so that agents can pick up escalations seamlessly and confidently.

How Sitel Digital Agent Delivers Efficiencies for Michelin

When our client Michelin, a leading multinational tire manufacturer, wanted to drive digital transformation across their CX organization; Sitel Group harnessed the power of its consumer care agents and conversational design experts to build a smart Digital Agent driven by advanced AI design capabilities. The solution we developed today handles more than half of the chat contacts on, provides 3x times faster resolution when compared to a live agent, and delivers strong CSAT results.

Michelin’s objectives were to:

  • Increase the digital support channel mix by deploying a digital agent
  • Automate multi-round customer care conversations and promote sales
  • Engage customers on their channel of choice while providing immediate, consistent, 24/7 support
  • Deflect live chat volume to achieve cost savings
  • Deliver best-in-class CX by eliminating wait times and providing fast and accurate answers to common questions

Sitel Group addressed these goals by:

  • Designing and implementing a friendly and knowledgeable AI-powered digital agent on to assist customers with: pre-purchase tire fitment and selection, tire specifications, current promotions and FAQs
  • Delivered continuous improvement by successfully handling more than 50% of the chat contact volume
  • Creating a seamless escalation to live agents when needed or requested​

At Sitel Group, we’re so confident about the ability of our digital agents to deliver on your operational goals, we even have solutions where we only charge for successful resolutions. If the bot scripts out or the customer escalates to a live agent, you don’t pay.

To learn more about how chatbots including Sitel Digital Agent could support your business, contact us

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