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|Come Just as You Are – Dare to Be Different at Sitel Group®

Come Just as You Are – Dare to Be Different at Sitel Group®


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by Sitel staff November 17, 2020 - 2 MIN READ


At Sitel Group®, we know our team is greater than the sum of its parts. Our differences make us stronger – that’s why we empower our people to live their truth, be themselves and use their voice. 

A clear business strategy is crucial for business growth in any organization. But unless that strategy is reinforced by an equally clear company culture with a focus on growing its people, it will come up short. An inclusive culture is key to building teams whose sum is greater than any individual’s capabilities – engaged, empowered employees drive a winning strategy.  

BE BOLD, BE YOU, the second of five pillars of our new Employee Promise, Learn, Lead & Grow, celebrates the unique set of skills, backgrounds and experiences that each of our associates bring to the organization. 

Be Bold

Our BE BOLD, BE YOU pillar is founded on the belief that Sitel Group is a place for everyone. We encourage our people to speak up, share their opinions  and, most importantly, want them to know that they can be themselves. This is why we put our people at the center of our culture – the #SitelLife. By focusing on our employee experience, we create a great place to work with engaged, happy and better prepared employees that can deliver best possible outcomes for the clients we serve.

With our culture, we bring our strategic goals to life in a shared language that everyone across our organization understands and can get behind.

Be Free

In practice, this means we do more than simply recognize and celebrate our employees for what they bring to our organization, or even rewarding those that deliver while aligning to our culture and its values. It’s about letting those values drive business decisions and letting everyone see how those values align with continued success on an individual and collective level.

By creating a working environment where our people feel empowered and confident to be themselves and to view their diversity of talents and backgrounds as something to be celebrated, everyone benefits. Internal barriers to team working disappear and collective belief in our organization’s goals and values are strengthened.

A solid work culture increases retention, lowers absenteeism and gives employees greater autonomy because the company values guide them (rather than micromanagement) to fulfill their roles and take responsibility. 

Be Heard

Company culture is bottom-up management. Our executive teams have to sponsor and embody our culture, but it is our people on the ground whose experiences shape and refine the values that propel our business forward.

Through our Empowered Voices blog, we encourage our associates to share their unique, individual stories – of success, failure and growth – both personally and professionally. The blog features real submissions from real people and highlights the positive impact our associates make at work, in their personal lives and in their communities. 

But culture goes further than celebrating  dates such as Pride Month, Black History Month or International Women’s Day. It’s about taking all of these things (and more) and weaving them into the everyday fabric of who we are, how we work and how we treat each other.


Our #SitelLife represents our commitment to our people. We want our people to come exactly as they are to live their truth, be themselves and use their voice. 

Learn more about Sitel Group and join our Talent Community.

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