Insights|Celebrating One Year of Sitel® MAX for Customer Service Week 2020

Celebrating One Year of Sitel® MAX for Customer Service Week 2020

A year ago today we launched Sitel MAX and in doing so created a transformational way of engaging with and harnessing our people’s collective genius. And, while it may still be in its infancy, it has done more to enhance company culture and prioritize innovation than most initiatives manage throughout their lifetime. We are celebrating our current (and future) achievements during Customer Service Week 2020 as MAX Week at Sitel Group.

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by Olivier Camino October 1, 2020 - 4 MIN READ

October 1, 2019 is a very important date for me. It was when, through the official global launch of My Associate Experience (MAX), we virtually united all of our associates, all around the world, as part of a digital community dedicated to actively shaping and redefining the employee experience.

Anyone who knows me knows my conviction that the employee experience is the customer experience (CX). And, through Sitel MAX, even within such a short space of time, we have made immeasurable progress in moving our associates even further towards the core of our business, and in giving them not simply a seat at the table, but an active role in sharing opinions, discussing ideas and offering input regarding the future direction of Sitel Group®.

No one is better qualified to discuss the subjects of CX challenges, opportunities, potential for innovation and changing customer behavior, than one of our contact center associates. It makes me especially proud that our initial 3,000 MAX Insiders, whose role it is to drive conversations about lasting change and potential for innovation – and in doing so inspire others to participate – the majority are our frontline CX associates.

Celebrating Sitel MAX

Because of the impact that Sitel MAX has already had and the positive changes we are certain it will continue to deliver for our organization and with our people, we are combining the industry’s annual Customer Service Week celebrating with a calendar of events to celebrate the first MAX Day. This is only logical as delivering an engaging, positive customer experience is only possible with engaged, enthusiastic and empowered employees. 

Customer Service Week becomes MAX Week

Therefore, from October 1-9, Sitel Group will host seven days of celebration for our associates that we hope will MAXimize their experience and continue to create community around the world. Scheduled events include:

  • A live global event deep-diving into the first 365 days of MAX initiatives, how they
  • developed and what impact they have already had on our business and our culture.
  • Storytelling webinars informed by MAX Insider insights to help associates gain even more confidence and fine-tune their communication skills. 
  • Open virtual forums for our associates around the globe to share specific feedback and ideas on how to improve Sitel Group’s intranet, MAXConnect, our main tool of communication with the frontline. 
  • User tests for Sitel Group’s proprietary performance management platform, iCoach, giving frontline associates the opportunity to try and to be directly involved in optimizing a tool they’ll soon be using daily.

What have we achieved through Sitel MAX?

Sitel MAX has had an impact in numerous areas of the Sitel Group associate experience. From initiatives that foster our company culture to better tools and technologies, we have achieved a tremendous amount so far and have so many amazing stories to tell. Below are some highlights:

MAX Culture: Through our MAX Culture project, we ideated, designed and developed our new brand message: Create Connection. Value Conversation. The project involved employees from 16 countries who through 500 hours of ideation and iteration sessions, plus votes from 11,000 associates in the spirit of what Sitel Group means to them.  

MAX Flexibility: Through this initiative, we analyzed our associates’ pain points related to flexibility and have made sure our agents know they have options to ensure their scheduling experience is better and potentially improves their work-life balance.

MAXConnect: A new, global agent communication platform that was launched in only 10 days during the beginning of the pandemic; MAXConnect is accessible from anywhere at any time for our agents.

iCoach: Working with our MAX Insiders community enabled us to make key improvements to iCoach, our proprietary operations management tool, based on their feedback and business needs.

MAX Train: Under MAX Train we have several initiatives to enhance our learners’ experiences around the world and empower our Learning teams. For example, we developed a methodology named Learning Design Bootcamp to create blended experiences on our learning management system for onboarding courses.

MAX training courses: Through the community, several training courses were developed for new and existing associates to learn what MAX is and how it is an enabler of the business and a brand-new way of working together.

SitelFit: One of my personal favorites, SitelFit, has had a big year despite all the “hiccups” the year has brought us in the form of stay at home orders, movement restrictions and in many countries around the world the temporary closure of gyms and fitness centers. restricted. Nevertheless we challenged our associates with a #OneSmallChange challenge – reaching 10 million points by the end of the year – and they achieved it by the end of September – congratulations, Sitel Group. SitelFit is our commitment to our associates’ wellness for their mind and body!

MAX Social: MAX Social brings our people together, while showcasing our culture and values, through the power of social media. Our associates from around the world post their #SitelLife experiences and participate in fun online activities – hangouts, couch concerts, exercise sessions, etc. – while exploring and developing their social media skills.

We are planning to end the week of celebrations with a day of (virtual) celebrations with couch concerts, SitelFit workouts and a special surprise guest for our live closing event.

I continue to be amazed by our associates’ engagement, excitement and enthusiasm around shaping the future of our company, together. This year, more than ever, it’s important to show our commitment and our gratitude to our employees. MAX Day will celebrate the wins over the past 12 months and will honor the MAX community, which is already creating a better employee experience for all.

Olivier Camino
written by Olivier Camino Founder & COO
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