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|Celebrating Our Diversity This Pride Month – and Every Month

Celebrating Our Diversity This Pride Month – and Every Month

Pride Month is an opportunity for organizations to foster inclusivity into their work culture. At Sitel, pride is more than just a month-long celebration.

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celebrating diversity
by Sitel staff June 9, 2019 - 2 MIN READ

June welcomes Pride Month – a global initiative celebrating diversity, inclusion and acceptance to raise awareness of LGBT+ rights. Like its signature symbol – the rainbow flag – Pride Month is bold, lively and colorful. It’s a month-long party, where the whole world is in on the fun.

Beyond that, it’s an opportunity for organizations to foster inclusivity into their work culture. At Sitel, pride is more than just a month-long celebration.

Taking pride in our diverse team

As an industry leader, we recognize that our greatest asset is our people. And it’s truly our individuality that’s at the core of our success as a global organization. Embracing the diversity of our workforce, we proudly and loudly celebrate the talent that comes from our uniqueness – and we do it year-round.

Founded on core values that support individuality and diversity, we are committed to creating a respectful and safe environment for all of our people – regardless of race, culture, religion or sexual preference.

Come as you are

In our day to day, we do this by encouraging open conversations and actively fostering a work culture where people can openly be themselves. In our contact centers, individuals are free (in fact, they’re encouraged) to dress how they like, speak their mind and be bold and proud in their differences.

It’s simple. When you build a culture where people can be their authentic selves, they’re going to be happy. In turn, they’re going to bring their best ideas, their best attitude and their best work to the company – and deliver the best experiences to our clients’ customers and to each other in our contact centers.

Empowered voices

How do we showcase these empowered individuals? Through our Empowered voices – a blog that gives our people a platform to share their own stories and spark a conversation surrounding success, motivation, overcoming challenges and anything else they want to share! As part of our efforts to drive meaningful discussions and build a more inclusive world, we’ll be featuring stories of #SitelPride on Empowered voices throughout the entire month of June.

But these initiatives won’t disappear come July…At Sitel, we proudly fly our pride colors year-round to celebrate the things that make our people unique – all 75,000 of us.

Join in on the fun on social media using hashtag #SitelPride

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