Insights|Celebrating 2 Years of Sitel® MAX with Sitel® MAX Engine

Celebrating 2 Years of Sitel® MAX with Sitel® MAX Engine

Introducing Sitel® MAX Engine, enabling us to leverage our Sitel® MAX methodology for continuous improvement and customer solutions to drive business performance forward with our people.

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by Sitel staff October 6, 2021 - 3 MIN READ

On October 1, we celebrated two years of our Sitel® MAX (My Associate Experience) program. Sitel MAX is more than a traditional voice of the employee program; over the last past two years it has become part of who we are, our DNA. We are transforming the associate experience and our business, together. We gathered more than 8,700 associates during our MAX Day Talk to Show to celebrate some of our achievements from the last year and launch our brand-new Sitel® MAX Engine.

Making a Measurable Difference

With Sitel MAX, we have set the foundation with a new way to deliver within our support functions. Our associate-centric approach and methodology rely on a user experience design (UXD) framework and a community of 3,800 associates representative of our workforce. We directly engage with our associates in crowdsourcing and design activities to create the future of work.

We’ve had many successes along the way from developing our brand message to creating our global intranet from scratch with our associates. Sitel MAX is now a central part of our people’s employee experience with our culture, the technologies we use and our workplace.

One year after the program went live, we experienced a 14-point improvement in our global eNPS score and saw attrition fall by 1.1 points while simultaneously experiencing a productivity boost.

Introducing Sitel® MAX Engine

After one year of the program, we began to think about how we could take our Sitel MAX methodology and apply it to our customers via continuous improvement and CX solutions. How could we scale and industrialize this approach? Enter Sitel MAX Engine.

“Business win when they leverage their unique experiences and knowledge and combine it with a robust method at scale,” said Simon Hunt, VP, Products & Solutions. “Every day, we see examples of this within our customer base.”

Simon says, “When we began this journey in January 2021, we didn’t understand the true potential of what could be harnessed – the full power of our frontline teams, continuous improvement methods and communities. But we clearly saw the need for a robust, scalable process and, most importantly, the need to do it differently. The frontline experience and knowledge is data that feeds the method to deliver the solution. The people with deep knowledge and experience of the problems sometime need an easier path from problem to solution. The Sitel MAX Engine solves for this, bringing all of the elements together in a structured approach.”

Engaging Employees

Sitel MAX Engine, a proprietary software solution for capturing and channeling this knowledge, is beyond a digital suggestions box. It actively crowdsources, processes and classifies ideas and feedback regarding existing projects, campaigns and related activities. However, it also directly engages employees in the development of future projects and tools that – because of their input and previous experience – overcome potential challenges customers may face and optimize the delivery of customer experience (CX) services and solutions.

At the same time, the system proactively reaches out to employees for advice and suggestions. We are then able to harness the power of our community of thousands of employees around the globe and their professional, cultural and personal knowledge. This gives us deep insight into these new customer relationships, brands’ specific needs and their customer experience goals.

The Employee Experience Is the Customer Experience

Already, Sitel MAX Engine has been responsible for the development, launch and ramp-up of campaigns that have resulted in zero agent attrition and reduced time to achieving KPIs in its pilot phase.

This methodology and process create a virtuous circle. Employees are actively encouraged to innovate and provide valuable feedback that results in optimizing how the organization engages with and meets customer expectations. In turn, our improved performance for customers improves the employee experience (and the customer experience).    

“We are transforming the experience of being a customer service representative (agent), said Dorothée Dalaine, Sitel® MAX Lead. “We are automating repetitive, mundane tasks and equipping our people to be comfortable with technology, deal with higher complexity and solve more problems. Our frontline associates have deep knowledge of the brand they support, unique abilities and insights about the experience of consumers. Our Sitel MAX Engine is our way to value their expertise and experience, and give them the unique opportunity to play an active role in continuous improvement and CX solutions.”

Sitel MAX Engine is our new industrial and grounded answer to our customers’ requirements – leveraging our data to improve the experience for their customers.

To learn more about our Sitel MAX methodology and Sitel MAX Engine, connect with us.

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