With our expansive global footprint, Sitel Group has a unique opportunity to make a positive impact on each of the local communities in which we serve. Our associates consistently look for ways to improve the lives of those in their communities through community service. Whether it’s painting a school building, organizing a drive or raising funds, we make a difference one experience at a time.

Back to School Supplies

Sitel Group India

With donations from associates, Sitel Group India recently donated backpacks with school supplies for more than 500 unprivileged children of Mumbai and Hyderabad. In India, many children in low economic situations do not have easy access to education. Often, their families are not able to afford basic school supplies for their kids – making back to school a real struggle.

“We are proud to help out these kids and take the burden off their parents,” said Mary George, HR Generalist, Sitel Group India. “We are very proud to see the children wearing the Sitel Group logo on their backpacks! Supporting them with their education is invaluable for us.”

Sitel Group Philippines

Sitel Group Philippines supplied the school needs of 100 children of Aeta’s Children Home (ACH) through Project Tenfold Circle, a non-profit organization founded by Sitel Group associates back in 2009. ACH houses and provides education for 150 kids from the Aeta tribes, indigenous people who live in isolated mountainous parts of the island of Luzon, in the Philippines. ACH’s funds prioritize food and health, so education needs are not always their top priority. This is where Sitel Group associates’ donations make a huge difference.

“For more than five years, we’ve been helping Filipino children through our ACH efforts,” said Fox Llante, President and Co-Founder of The Project Tenfold Circle and Learning Manager, Sitel. “We have been doing so in different ways – providing school supplies, running hygiene classes and art sessions, distributing hygiene kits and for the fourth time in recent history, we completed our Basketball Clinic. This effort has, in fact, moved outside ACH to the nearby community where an access to potable water supply was also provided to benefit more than 50 families. This year, we are working on building a Reading Center made up of eco bricks – plastic water bottle stuffed with plastic waste. In all these projects and more, Sitel Group associates were our constant supporters and, sometimes, our field volunteers too. We couldn’t have done it without everyone’s help.”

Sitel Group in the States: Sitel Group Amarillo, Sitel Group Bartlesville, Sitel Group Norman, Sitel Group Knoxville

Every year, many of Sitel’s U.S. sites also mobilize to give back to the community through back-to-school programs. This year, our sites in Amarillo, Bartlesville, Norman and Knoxville helped more than 500 kids with school supplies. One of the organizations we partnered with is Maverick Boys and Girls Club, which provides child care to low-income families in the community. Sitel Group Amarillo has a long-standing relationship with the Maverick – for the last three years, they have volunteered every other Friday during the summer. For this year’s school supply giveaway, more than 300 children received a substantial amount of school supplies.

“Education is the key to the future for every community,” said Paul Petersen, Site Director in Bartlesville. “Regardless of where you come from, having support and encouragement at an early age makes all the difference. It is imperative we do everything we can to get the tools to the people who support them,” said Virginia Ellis, Learning Manager at Sitel. “Seeing the smiles on the children’s faces when they came to get their school supplies meant so much. The community knows that Sitel Group cares about the important things in their lives.”

Sitel Group Nicaragua

Sitel Group Nicaragua has supported several charitable organizations since it began operations in the country. During a visit to one of the orphanages Sitel Group supports, our volunteers learned that three young ladies who lived in the orphanage just started attending university. Sitel Group donated three laptops and accompanying school supplies to these ladies to help out with college.

“This is a small gesture in the hope of big changes in the community,” said Elmer Bervis, Site Director, Sitel Group Nicaragua. “We truly understand what it’s like to struggle for a better life. We know doing something even this simple can help out in a big way.”

Acticall Sitel Group Morocco

Our most recent activity was in Morocco where funds were raised by associates which were matched by Sitel Group to purchase backpacks filled with books and school supplies. These were donated to 200 children of a local school in a partnership with Enfance Magreb Avenir (EMA). EMA intervenes in public institutions to improve the conditions of schools and provide children with a healthy, clean and beautiful school environment which encourages them to complete their studies.

“Our associates had the opportunity to spend some quality time with the kids, learn the reality and their dreams and inspire them when we distributed the supplies,” said Fatima-Zara Bahoum, Communications Manager. “It was a really special experience,” added Ilham Mouhriz, Morocco Human Resources Director, who initiated this idea.

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